‘Who Killed Sara’ Season 2 arrives this week

After a jaw-dropping debut season, Netflixers can look forward to the second season of “Who Killed Sara” coming this week.

The series follows Alex, a man convicted of a crime he did not commit and is then released after 18 years behind bars. Upon leaving, he only wants revenge on Rodolfo Lazcano, the person responsible for the death for which he was sentenced.

Things get complicated when Alex starts a sentimental relationship with Elisa, the Lazcano’s youngest daughter, and when he discovers that Rodolfo is innocent and that someone else, who has skillfully kept in the shadows, was the true cause of his disgrace.

In season 2, Alex has to face his worst nightmare: his sister’s Sara true personality, whom clearly he never knew at all. At the same time, a buried mystery corpse in his own patio becomes a ticking clock that can make him go back to prison at any time. He has no other choice than to become an investigator and put together all the pieces that will portray Sara’s true and terrible story and her relationship with the Lazcano family.

Season 2 will arrive premiere on the streamer on Wednesday, May 19, 2021.

Who Killed Sara stars Manolo Cardona, Carolina Miranda, Ginés García Millán, Claudia Ramírez, Alejandro Nones, Ximena Lamadrid, Ana Lucía Domínguez, Eugenio Siller, Luis Roberto Guzmán.

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