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“COVID 19 And Its Impact In Kaduna State”

By Shamsuddeen Suleiman Malami

We live together in a single planet; we often face happy and sad instances. We all fall sick, sometimes we recover and sometimes it leads to our funerals. As the saying goes, “a healthy life must once fall sick”.Pandemics are communicable diseases which is very dangerous to the lives of people. Pandemics are global health concerns.

The year 2020 is a year to remember, a year which was overshadowed with a pandemic. This pandemic began in late 2019, in China. It first appeared in a city called WUHAN china, a virus without a cure. The Virus was predicted to be a less active at first. A virus that brought every activity to a halt, a virus that forced the human beings to isolate themselves in other to avoid the spread. Corona virus is a deadly virus as reported by medical experts who sacrifice their lives to make sure they find a vaccine for the virus.
According to research this virus affects our breathing and can be contacted easily. The virus gets into the system through the eyes, nose and mouth which are the reasons why health experts recommend face masks or face shields. Millions of people have contacted this virus and the world records new cases on a daily basis. There has been mass competition for vaccine production across the globe.
A virus from china landed in Nigeria February 2020. I was together with my school colleagues when we heard about the first victim which happened to be an Italian returnee.

I began to make research on the virus to obtain detailed information on how people can contact the virus and the safety precautions to follow in order to be on the safer side. The precautions which include, social distancing, wearing of face mask and frequent hand washing with sanitizers or soap and water.

In a twinkle of an eye, a meeting with the northern governors was chaired by Our Governor Mal. Nasiru Elrufai to discuss on how to curtail the pandemic. A measure was taken to lockdown each and every crowded place or gatherings such as schools, worship centers, markets, offices in order to avoid spread of the virus. A week later, a total lock down was imposed in the state as a measure to tackle the spread of the virus. In few weeks, some interstate travels were also banned. Reports states that among the interstate travelers, there were infected persons. In short period of time, covid19 cases started rising in Kaduna. I found myself in a lonely situation seeking comfort from my mobile phone. Social gathering of any kind was not tolerated. A pandemic has shut down our city. With market closure, a lot of middle class families had dropped down to the lower class. The helpers too are struggling to feed their family before they give out. I could remember how some families rescheduled their feeding plans. Places of worship were also closed. A new way of dressing is amended with everyone wearing a facemask.
The Governor also contacted the virus without showing symptoms. There was a high rate of panic in the state since some victims were asymptomatic. And even those with symptoms took two weeks before it appears. This is a really hazardous virus. Everyone in the state has isolated himself because there no cure for the virus even though there has been a worldwide race for vaccine production. Some are saying we are actually approaching the last days of the world, while some have already believed that it’s part of life challenges. Many people are commenting on the virus with different views. I just woke up in the morning and heard the news about the recovering of our governor after spending almost a month in isolation.
I never thought that there will be a time when a patient doesn’t want to visit a hospital for a medical checkup. I never thought that there will be times when marriage ceremonies will be limited to only ten (10) people present including the bride and the groom, I never thought that there will be a time when worship centers will be locked and prayers will only be observed at home.

I couldn’t believe to see how Christians celebrated their Easter in quarantine and the Muslims sallah celebration has also been done in quarantine, even though some state approved to the Eid prayer, but with the love and care, our literate and educated governor of Kaduna state went on a live radio program with the presence of both Muslims and Christian leaders to discuss on the perspective of the religion If kinds of these instances happen. He also declared that on sallah day, he and other government officials will be at each border of the state to avoid people from coming into the state to avoid spread of the virus. Many citizens are claiming that our governor is strict and he believes too much in Covid19, but I remembered that the governor was once a victim before he recovered, so no need to tell him what he should do. Even though some are insisting that the state governor has put strict measures with the aid of using security to force the citizens to abide by the precautions, it’s a quite good and important to care and protect our lives. We live in a situation where nothing is moving forward, no taxes and no incomes, but Kaduna state government still paid its workers salaries. No matter what, our governor must be saluted, He struggled with his aides to make sure we abide by the rules and regulations, he shared a lot of face masks to citizens, food items. Kaduna state actually deserves an award for not risking its citizen’s life since the appearance of Corona virus. Gradually, after four months of lock down, our governor approved the reopening of Religious centers and schools in different phases.
Since then, the governor visited so many markets and religious centers to make sure that we abide by the stipulated rules. He kept updating and bringing new mobile testing machines that could go round the state for the safety of our lives. With this, we can say that enough equipment for tackling corona virus is present in the state which leads to mass testing.
The Kaduna state Governor continued reopening of some vital places which include the state borders, Worship centers and market places in phases. All these reopening are done with the permission of health commissioner as he keeps insisting that, he will not risk his people lives. I believe that the Governor has spend a lot of money on tackling corona virus as he reported saying almost four hundred thousand naira is been spent for each Covid19 patient.

This pandemic Virus has changed everything; all the unbelievable things have become possible. It’s been more than seven months since the appearance of Covid19 in Kaduna state. The indigenes are eager to back to normal activities, with only Final year students of primary, junior and senior secondary schools are allowed to reopen for their exams, the other students are eager to get back to classes. Gradually we came into the period of reopening of schools and market places which the Kaduna state Governor with the health commissioner gave precautions as stipulated by doctors to follow so as to avoid the spread of the virus.
I could see many Kaduna state citizens with facemask, many ministries provided hand sanitizers for the safety of the people. At long last, corona virus is fading away in Kaduna State. Activities are going back normal, no more staying at home as schools are fully reopened in the state. I couldn’t believe seeing my friends and colleagues after seven months.

Actually it was a long journey, and Kaduna State Government and the Doctors must be saluted due to their dedication, hard work and sacrifice in order to save lives. I am very happy to hear the state that Kaduna State is among the states that followed all the necessities and due process to protect the lives of her citizens. Indeed, this is a great achievement and is something to be proud of as indigenes of Kaduna State.

On a positive note, Covid 19 led us to maintain our personal hygiene; it has been several years since our doctors kept enlightening us to wash our hands after shaking with our friends, eating, or after coming out from the washroom or even after touching surfaces. They also directed us to wear face mask in dirty, dusty or in a crowd environment and we should take bath after exercise or work done so as to prevent us from contacting diseases. But people are laissez-faire towards it. And now, Corona virus has forced all those directives given by the doctors to become our daily habits. Hand sanitizers are virtually everywhere and everybody have a face mask. People are now afraid of mingling and mixing with people. We care for our health and lives more than we do before. It’s now becoming necessary for us to adhere to all the precautions given by medical practitioners.

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