Peace: Vital Factor For Greater National Integration

Peace: Vital Factor For Greater National Integration

By Mukhtar Garba Kobi

Nigeria, a country of about 250 divergent ethnic groups which is the seventh most populous in the world and the first in the African continent with more than 200 million people, it is often referred to as ‘African Giant’ because of its ample opportunities. It is a fact that no developed country that reached where it is today without encountering challenges, Nigeria is on the verge of development and therefore not an exception as insecurity, recession, secession agitations and host of others are marring the relative peace. Living peacefully despite differences is the first step in making dreams true.

As insecurity increases, if government achieve ceasefire with insurgents or bandits without addressing root-factors why they took arms may further disrupt peace which might worsen the situation in future. Most of the developed countries in the world have reach where they are today because they strived and tolerated one another by living in peace.

Peace attracts foreign investors and companies to establish their branches, which would boost the economy because of tax and other levies at borders. If peace prevails, all would work together to bring about economic, political and social developments.

Absence of peace triggers violence which starts from an individual through conflicting behaviors that is often caused by other people’s actions and attitudes; it ends at bringing chaos to doorsteps. The importance of peace to all ramifications could never be over-emphasized as it touches all ranging from businesses, farming and government could not provide social amenities if projected areas are not in peace. Peace paves way for speedy development and mutual living; it is true that citizens enjoy more when they are in peace than during wars.

Factors that contribute to lack of peace include bad leadership; citizens become easily manipulated when those on leadership mantles are not bring succor to sufferings or executing projects that directly touch lives. Egoism and greed lead their doers to all conducts and mostly bad just to quench the thirst for selfish interests.

Levels of criminality are less when people cohabit peacefully with one another; peaceful coexistence makes criminal elements have no hiding place for their actions and left with no choice than to repent.

Booming idleness by the youths who are referred to as the strength of every nation is a big threat to national security and peace; annually, there are roughly over hundred thousand students that graduate from higher institutions but sadly continue roaming around without engaging in any tangible work.

Absence of patriotism in the hearts of leaders and the led retard developments, unfulfilling campaign promises by elected leaders make citizens turn against them. Agreeing to live peacefully together prolong a strong bond that no external or internal aggressions could break.

Nevertheless, we have no other country to go and claim as our home apart from Nigeria, God is awesomely aware of our religious, tribal, racial and other divergences but He still created us all in the same geographical location in order to embrace one another and progress.

First step in achieving peace in a democratic setting is voting rightful candidates during elections by virtue of qualities not based on similarities or sentiments.

All of us could remind leaders of their promises and assist by any means whether financial or energetical in protecting social amenities from vandals.

In conclusion, governments should encourage participation of all citizens in the decision making; this could be through referendum which would broaden and strengthen cordial understanding between both.

However, any individual or groups of people that have complain or any form of aspiration should channel it to authorities in a peaceful and diplomatic manner not through violence; government too should listen to all complains and act fairly without bias.

Peace is as important as breathing to humans and animals without which all would be dead; so live peacefully and Save Mankind!!

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