Youths Dilemma: Who to blame and The Way Forward

Youths Dilemma: Who to blame and The Way Forward

By Shamsuddeen Suleiman Malami

Youths are the backbone of our societies, there is saying that says “if the youths are safe, then the public is safe too”.

Looking at the situation of the youths presently, they have taken an inappropriate habit of illicit use of drugs. In a research I conducted, I found out that, some younger generations at the age of 12 are addicted to drugs. In a formal way, those youths are supposed to be under the care of their parents to give them education on both the western and religious aspects. But the painful part is that the youths are transforming into drug dealers and users. Recently, I have seen a small girl whose age is not above 15 years together with a boy in the suburbs smoking weed. This has become a usual activity for them. Almost everyday, the youths are converting themselves into this act.

These are activities that we should pay attention to. But the question is ” where are their parents?, Why are the members of the societies not taking any action concerning this?. Don’t forget, caring for those children is not only for their parents but we also need to care. We need to recall how our grandparents lived together in their environments at those age’s. They took every member of their community as their son. They collaborate together to aid development in their society. Why aren’t we doing the same? This danger is not facing the youths only rather the whole society.

Now, let focus on what leads our youths to drug abuse nowadays.

First of all, in the lifetime of human beings, friends play a vital role in our lives. Sometimes, the definition of our friends can reflect on ours. They can be the reason for our progress and failures in life. When it come to drug abuse, friends contribute a lot. As most of us can serve as witnesses, many innocent youths are now drug addicts due to the influence of their friends. But the real cause here is the Parents because they are the guardians and the first teachers to children, you are the one’s who will teach them what is wrong or right since from childhood. If he doesn’t assimilate this behavior, anything can happen to him and he can take any person he meetd as a friend. And it’s very hard to separate children and their friends most especially if the child believes in that friend. So you are to be blamed for this aspect of friends influence. Parents focus more on the lives of your children. Show them the good and the bad path, so that they could be proud of you in the society even if you are no more.

Entrepreneurship and business: It’s an important aspect of life for a human being to learn how to earn from hard work since his childhood stage. But our youths are not using their earnings properly. In my research i found out that almost 60% of youths abusing drugs are into different businesses. This show that their parents are not viligant on what their children are using that money for. But in the olden days, our grandparents have told us how they spent their earnings. A child at that time will bring all what he got and give it to his parents to do whatever they feel is right. But the present society we are now, you will see youths with a lot of money and nobody will ask them the source, and they will be spending it together with their friends. Had it been the parents are vigilant on how their children are spending their earnings then we can regulate the drug dealers businesses.

In terms of education most especially the religious and the western knowledge, our youths are no more focused on studying and learning. This is a great danger to their lives because a well educated human being cannot be engaged in illicit use of drug. By searching for knowledge, our youths can have the knowledge to distinguish between the wrong and right paths to follow.

My fellow Nigerian Youths, think about our late leaders who sacrificed their lives for this nation.

Think about those past leaders whose names cannot be erase in the history of this nation.
Think about those citizens whom we are proud of.
Make a deep research about their lives and see if they have ever been addicted to drugs or not.

Also my fellow Nigerian youths, look at the lives of those who are into drugs and see how their lives are ends.
Are they succeeding or Not?
Let be aware, the progress of our youth is vested on all of us not only their parents. We all need to contribute by enlightenment and prayers for their guidance. They are our sisters and brothers. If they progress is for our own benefit.

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