Are Christians and Muslims in Nigeria supposed to be terrorists against one another

Are Christians and Muslims in Nigeria supposed to be terrorists against one another

A very Respected “Christian College Colleague” with whom we have been together in Peaceful and Cordial Brotherly Union for almost Forty Beautiful Years Sent Me a Six Minutes Video of a “Moderate Young Izālah Scholar” and a Noble of Zazzau Emirate, “Ustāz Alkāli Abūbakar Sālihu” who Made a “Clarion Call” to The Federal Government, the Plateau State Government, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), to Jos Christians and All the Authorities Concern over the “Rukuba Killings” to do the Most Required Justice in Bringing the Culprits to Book, and hence Immediately Plan a Projected Roadmap towards a “Permanent Peaceful” Co-existence.

Sister Dorothy who has been a very Devoted Christian and Philanthropist, Pious Mother, a Loving Person to All Humans is Currently a Christian Minister. She wrote Me after “Watching and Listening” to the Video Coming from Zaria as She Seems to be in an almost Fearful Mood exclaiming to Me in “Serious Surprise” to the Content of the Preacher’s Warning Words when She Abruptly Said,

“Just listen to that my brother?”

In Replying to her, i Wrote;

Good Afternoon Yar’uwata “Priceless” (that’s her Nickname;

Actually the Overreaction of this “Zaria Preacher” is not the Solution as the Islāmic Sharī’ah (Law) has Stipulated despite the Fact that those “Youths at Rukuba” have Committed the Worst Crime and Atrocity which “Our Master”, Jesus Christ (Peace be Upon him) will not Only be “Annoyed and Angry” with, but in fact will even “Curse” the Perpetrators.

Yet that Notwithstanding the “Prophet Muhammad” (Sallallāhu Alaihi Wa Sallam) has Never given a License to any Muslim to Retaliate for any Sort of Devilish or Evil Act inflicted upon them, no Matter the Gravity on Innocently Unidentified Persons who aren’t Confirmed to be the “Actual Actors”.

First, the “Criminals” “Must be Fished Out” by Authorities Concern and then be Arraigned and Convicted before a Competent Court of Justice, otherwise Nobody is Allowed to take the Law into their Own Hands.

Sincerely Priceless, You know how the Evil is Working against Us (in Nigeria) especially in this “Hard Trying Times” (when almost the Signs of the Last Hour are Drawing Closer and Faster) in order to Destroy Our Peaceful Co-existence.

We (Muslims and Christians) in this Great Country, Nigeria have been Our “Brother’s Keepers” for Decades, almost getting to 2-Beautiful Centuries Since the Colonial Masters in Collaboration with Missionary Leaders brought to Our Shores the “Anglican and Later Roman Catholic Version of Christianity”.

Yes, Christianity is a “Younger Brother to Islām” in Nigeria, though it was “Islām’s Senior and Elder Brother”, going by the Genealogy both are the Beloved Children of Prophet Abraham (Peace be Upon him and All his Righteous and God-fearing Progeny);

Christianity in Nigeria was Virtually Roughly 200 Years Old, while Islām was in its “Millennia and a Two Hundred” More Years, which Our Righteous Historians Chronicling those Epoch to be “1355 Years”.

As far as the Age of Islām in the “Benue-Plateau Region & the Middle-Belt”, with the Several Kingdoms especially the “Jukuns and Tivs” that Flourished in the Area is Concern, Actually they were More Closer to the Islāmic Faith than their Traditional Religious Institutions because they Lived Hundreds of Years with the Muslim Empires especially the “Borno and Zazzau Empires” (who Rise and Fall long before the Jihād of Shēhu Usmān Dan-Fõdio) and even before the British Came in with Christianity. And despite the “Powerful Military Might” of those Empires, these Islāmic States left these People with their Traditional Religions and haven’t felt the Need to Conquer them by the “Force of the Sword”; And this indeed is One of the Beauties of Islām, Freedom of Choice for Religious Inclinations.

One Interesting fact is the “Uncountable Inter-Marriages” that were Historically Documented to have Featured amongst the Majority of these People even with the Christianization of the Region. Those Matrimonial Relationships Still existed to this very Day.

Sister Dorothy, I’m Writing this Little Historic Citation with a Broken Heart because of how Much Some of Us have Allowed themselves to be Stooges, Surrogates and Puppets of Our Enemies (We the Muslims and the Christians) especially from the Outside World.

Yes, Our Fingers of Blame and Accusation is Pointed directly to the Chest of “Unscrupulous Prophets and Pastors, Imāms and Mallams” who were Heavily Funded thus Receiving “Solid Stipendiary” from The West and East in Order to Shed the Blood of their Our People. Actually it’s Quite Disheartening, Disturbing and Disappointing to Recast Our Predicaments on “Religious Bigotry and Fanaticism” which have Consumed the Lives of Millions of Our Countrymen and Women over the Last 40 Years.

The Slaughter of “Gen. Alkāli” was an Unforgivable Crime not on any other Person but First and Foremost against the Federal Republic of Nigeria before even the Deceased Family whose Culprits Must be brought to Book.

My Cousin, Working with “NNPC” Narrated to Me his Ordeals of 2010 when he and his Boss, a Senior Officer to the Rank of a Director in the Federal Service were Ambushed on the Same “Rukuba Route”, their Throats was almost about to be Sliced, but were Lucky to Escape with Broken Heads, Smashed Arms and Cut Hands by a “Miracle from the Almighty” who Sent onto them a Good Samaritan amongst the Hoodlums who told his Tribesmen to allow these Passengers Coming from Abuja to Pass on, not Slaughtered.

Of Course they Passed on in “Hard Peace” with another Miraculous Divine Aid when a Military Surveillance Team Rescued them in the Christian Populated Bushes, but the Federal Government Vehicle which they were Driving was Burned Down to Ashes before their own Eyes.

These were the “Same Similar Story” of Thousands of Commuters Coming Out from Abuja, the Same Narration from Passengers Coming from Zaria, those Entering Jos from Shandam and Many Other Entryways Passing through Plateau State to Connect with Other Parts of the Country.

After Exactly Nine Hours to My Posted Observations to her, She Wrote Me back, saying;

“Good Evening My Brother”.

And i Said to her Greeting and asking;

“Evening Priceless;

“Have You gone through the Little Write-up, and what’s Your Opinion about it ?”

And She Immediately Wrote Back with the Following “Randomised Rejoinder”, Saying;

“Kwarai ma Kuwa.

“Most of the things You wrote about Christianity and Islam are new to me.

“And i wasn’t comfortable about Your recounting people killed by Plateau Persons.

“I am also not interested in who owns a State or not.

“But i love where You said Islam and the prophet Mohammed doesn’t support killings. I love that.

“I love Peace.

“And I strongly believe the God that created us all is a Hod of Peace.

“He wants us to live in peace.

“My Bible says it is pleasant to God when we live in peace.

“I also know that 2 Wrongs don’t make anything Right my brother.

“That Man (the Zaria Preacher) said a lot.

“Too much threat actually that if it were a Christian he would’ve been picked.

“He even bragged of my State Governor (Mall. Nāsiru El-Rufā’i.

“Idan Mai Fadi Wawa ne, ai mai ji ba wawa ne na my brother; (if the Speaker is a Fool, the Listener isn’t)

“I respect You a lot and i know You are a different Person that Speaks the truth.

“The Man made dangerous promises and threats;

“He said for every Muslim killed 100 armas will be killed.

“My Question is, who is an Arne?

“I am still searching for an Audio or a converted Islamic scholar who now Preaches Christ to Muslims, using both the Bible and the Quran side by side, “Idan na samu (if I got it) I will send it to You Sir, God bless You”.

Below were My Summation and Submission to her Lamentations;

Thank You so Much My Dearest Sister;

Sincerely Speaking Our Past Administrations, Politicians and Some of Our Traditional Institutions have been very Wicked People who were Responsible to have “Opened Up” this Unhealing Wound that will Keep Witch-Hunting Our Diverse People for Eternity if Something Urgent is not Constructively done.

I’m So Sure that You will Agree with Me that almost 90% of the Problems that Caused these Misunderstandings amongst Us Can be Amicably Resolved through “Peaceful Dialogue” without Raising an Eyebrow. But look at how Events Unfolded to the Peril and Detriment of All of Us.

I Say it and i Shall Say it again that, “No Heavenly Divine Religion has ever Preached Violence”, hence if You hear a Clergyman Preaching it, then for Sure Such is No Other Person but the “Satan” himself.

Be Calm My Sister, the Truth is
“Sincerely Bitter” especially when it Relates to the Follies and Misgivings of those Persons whom we Dearly Loved. Actually the Truth is that, People (especially those Poor Commuters & Passengers) have Truly been “Massacred” around those Areas i Mentioned Earlier for No Truthful Reasons.

In fact Investigations were Conducted by Government Agencies with the Participation of “CAN”, “JNI” and other Organisations to Ascertain the Truth on Ground, and it appeared that Yes the Killings have actually been Carried Out by All those Persons Accused.

And if Something was Really Done to Arrest the Problem and Address it Squarely, for Sure Peaceful Co-existence could have Returned. But Believe Me there are Agents of “Lucifer” Heavily Benefitting from all these Carnage.

Please Forget about All those Sentimental Declarations Such as the One Made by that Mallam from Zaria, “Ustāz Abūbakar Sālihu”, his Words of Emotions ain’t Yardstick to What True Islāmic Values Preaches, that a Muslim is Equal to “100 Non-Muslims”, that a “Hysteria” that You Mustn’t take Serious.

Yes, every “Commander” on the Battlefield will Encourage his Army and Forces to Face their Enemy with Vigorous Weapon of Sacrifice, Inculcating in them that their “Enemy” is Nothing but a “Cowardly Weaker”, and that one “Single Soldier of his Battalion” is Equivalent to the Whole Commandos of the “Enemy’s Garrison”, a Claim which Can’t Truthfully be the Reality. Therefore don’t ever Over-Elated for what the Preacher Said.

At any rate we have “Criminals within both Camps, the Christians and Muslims” alike. And we hope if Rationally and Carefully handled, things wouldn’t be Worse to this Degree.

We Beseech At this Trying Moment the Almighty Lord of The Universe, Owner of the Worlds, Controller of Souls and Spirits of All Creatures to Come to Our Rescue and Shower His Most Needed Permanent Respite on the Good and Beautiful Peoples of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for an Eternal Peaceful Co-existence.

Dedicated to “The Innocent Souls of All Those Killed in Cool Blood Around The Rukuba Axis”.

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