Afghan Taliban and Borno Boko Haram, the Incompatible Movements

Afghan Taliban and Borno Boko Haram, the Incompatible Movements

The Evolution, Creation and Establishment of the “Afghan Taliban” was a Brainchild of the Soviet Union Occupation of Afghanistan, the Infiltration of an Irreligious Communist Model of Government that tends to Obliterate and Uproot the Cultural Heritage of a Uniquely 100% Muslim Country in the Heart of Central Asia.

Afghanistan Used to be the Pole and Backbone of _”Islām”_ that held the Borderline between Middle East and Asia, thus Connecting the Northern and Southern Hemisphere together for Hundreds of Years.

By Virtue of being a Strong Gateway of the Ummah up and beyond the Subcontinent, Afghanistan’s Historic Strategic Centrepiece that extensively Summits a Vast Landmass of Undiscovered “Natural Resources” in its Himalayan Mountainous Regions Controls both Social, Economical and Political Importance not only to Asia and the Far East, but indeed to the Entire Humanity.

Strategically, the Leadership of the Soviet Union Understood the Importance of the Afghan State, and that was why they Spent no Time to Militarily Occupy the Vast Land for their Benefit.

When Afghanistan Fell to the Russians, the Afghans knew they are now Under Duress to Fight for their Freedom after knowing Fully that the More Longer the Soviet remained in Control of their Country, the More Culturally Unislāmic they would be Subjugated to. Therefore the Religious Institutions under the _”Mullahs”_ and Leadership of the Tribesmen came together and United for a Common Objective of Fighting the Enemy.

Pesto, Persians, Turkuman, Tajikis, Hinds, Urdu and other Clans all United to form Fronts and Fighter Groups in Order to Face the Russians.

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The First Single United Front Unanimously Formed by Group of Afghan Scholars, Intellectuals and Tribesmen Leadership was the _”Mujāhiddūn”,_ a Group which gained Popular Support of the Entire Muslim Ummah. The Americans used this Greatest Opportunity of the Afghan Unity Front of Mujāhiddūn to Force “Saudi Arabia” to Financially Back and Support the Afghan Course against the Russians.


According to the Mapping of Pentagon and the White House, the Mujāhiddūn “Must” not be allowed to Fight the Soviets alone, other Supporting Forces Ought to be Used. Thence, Saudi Arabia was asked by the Oval Office to Produce _”Young Arab Fighters”_ to Join the Mujāhiddūn on the Battlefield.

Several Youngsters from Makkah were Recruited by the “Saudi Secret Service” to which “Osama Bin Laden” was One amongst those “Figurative Fighters” on the Top List.

Former Crown Prince and Minister of Defence, Late Prince “Sultān Bin Abdul-Azīz” Singlehandedly Financed the Whole Afghan Resurrection against the Russians.

Osama Bin Laden was the Darling of the Saudi Royal Family because of the Strong Friendship between “King Abdul-Azīz” and the Saudi Multi Billionaire, “Muhammad Bin Laden”, Osama’s Father


“Creating a Factional Tālibān Out of the Mujāhiddīn”

The United States Understanding the Mentality of the Entire Players in the Fight (both the Russians) with whom they were at “Cold War” with on one hand, and the Arab-Afghan Freedom Fighters on the other, thus believing that they Just Can’t Sit on the Fence to be Watching Closely at Events as they Unfold. Therefore the Pentagon, the CIA and American Allies Worked Tedious Homework to Divide the Diverse Afghan Clans who have already United Under a Single Umbrella for their Most Holiest Islāmic Jihād against Allāh’s Enemies.

With the Defeat of the Soviet Army, the Americans knew quite Well that the War has to be Taken onto an Entirely Different Dimension in Order to be Fully Satisfied that they have Won it.

Thus, Signals were given to Some Younger Mujāhiddūn Fighters to Retreat and Form a Front against the Leadership which was Predominantly Controlled and Commanded by the Older Mullahs whom they accused of “Laziness and Laxity”, hence giving way for the Birth of the Tālibān.

Sheikh “Prof. Abdul-Sattār Sīrāt” was a Minister of Justice of Afghanistan during the Regime of the Afghan King, “Shāhin Shah”, he taught Me “The Biography” (Sīräh) of the Holy Rasūlilläh (SAW) as a Special Course in both My Second, Third and Fourth Academic Year at “Umm Al-Qurā University”, Makkah.

Prof. Sīrāt was an Elite Member in the High Powered Afghan Delegation to Vienna, Madrid, Paris and London Projected by the American Government after its Occupation of Afghanistan, Toppling the Taliban Regime alongside their Allies. The Aging Respected Professor Used to Say;

“I have Never Seen a Person who doesn’t Lie except the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Some People Make Acceptable and even Rewarding Lies, others Designed Horrible Lies that is Detrimental to themselves, while Some Engaged in Lies that Destroys Societies, Nations and Civilisations.

“The American Occupation of Afghanistan is a Scam to get Something for themselves and Destroy Many Precious Things that belong to the Afghans and their Future Generations.

“The People of Afghanistan are Somehow very Sincere People in their Plight and Struggles even if Someone is Using them for his Interest, they on their Part Never Allow themselves to Misuse their Priorities at whatever Expense. Now the Saudi, Pakistani and American Connection in Financing the Tālibān (which Many Believed were Created by those “Triad” (The Americans, the Pakistanis and the Saudis) in that Sort of Game of “Triathlon” in the One of the Most Sensitive Political and Economic Regions of the World.

“Afghan Fighters are always Sincere in their Struggles throughout History, they Never Allow Someone Using them Negatively to Achieve his Unclean Objectives. Thus the First Set of Our Fighters, the “Mujāhiddūn” were Technically Terminated, Divided and Displaced when those who Wrongly Assumed that they Can Make them their Puppets, Stooges and Surrogates by at Last Found Out that they are Not those Types, therefore they Help the Younger Generations of the Tālibān to Take Control, a Wishful Thinking which Equally Proved them Wrong.

“The Length at which All those who are Scrambling for the Wealth of Afghanistan have Deeply Committed themselves will One Day Put them to Shame, and that Day will Definitely Come; Why, because they are Not Sincere and Serious, and All the Decisions they Took in Controlling The People of Afghanistan was nothing but a Fiasco in Multiplied Failures to which Time, will Tell”. – (UQU, Makkah) Shawwāl, 1419


I was a Good Friend to Many Afghanis during My Two Decades of Academic Diaspora in Saudi Arabia both within the Walls of the University, in the Grand Haramāin (Ka’abah and the Prophet’s Shrine in Madinah) as well as in the Neighbourhood of Makkah were I Resided with My Little Small Family.

“Sayyid Amīr” was My Immediate Neighbour at the “Goniri Neighbourhood” where i Stayed in the House of Late Sheikh “Goni Muhammad Nūr”, Sheikh Goni Māliki’s In-law for Many Years with My Wife and Two Children.

Amīr’s Little Daughters “Zarmināh, Khadījah and his Son Ahmad” used to Play in My House by Virtue of being Some Sort of Attached Neighbours. Sometimes we have to Show Simple Frowning-Face to have a Siaster especially when i Returned from Late Noon Lectures far away from the “Al-Azīziyyāh District” where Umm Al-Qurā University was Located, almost adjacent to the “Satan Stoning” Compound of “Jamarāt” in Mina Down to the Famous “Shāri Al-Mansūr” Ward.

Sayyid Amīr Used to Narrate to Me their Ordeals during the Mujāhiddūn Fight against the Russians and will Say;

“I was with My Parents, Uncles and Many Relatives into the Highest Mountains and Valleys of Jalalabad and Kandahar Fighting the Russians. The War was Terrible not with Us but against the ‘Supreme Soviets’; I was Young but have Seen what i Shall Never Forget. First let Me tell You that if the Whole World will Converge in Fighting Us, Believe Me they will Never Win. The Simple Reason is that First and Foremost We Afghanis are People Committed to the Cause of Truth, when we are Fighting on Something we always Make Sure that what we are Fighting for is the Truth and to Achieve a Truth Equal in Weight to it and not Less. Secondly we are People who Constantly Keep Remembering Allāh Ta’āla (Zikr) and Shower Uncountable Salutations on the Pure and Great Soul of Rasūlilläh (SAW), now with these Two as Our Badge Numbers we are Sure to Win into any Struggle we are in for.

Brother Ibrāhīm he Would Say;

“Wallāhi i have Seen with My Eyes, My Uncle Grabbing Some Small Pebbles of Stones Just Pronouncing Allāh Akbar, Threw them towards Some Approaching Russian Troops and they Exploded like Bombs while we were Virtually Unarmed with Such Armoury”.

Yes, Yes, that’s the Basic Truth about the Afghans which the Americans and their Allies have Seen in Reality Contrary to their Wrong Assumptions before they declare the Criminal War in Hunt for Osama Bin Laden after 9/11, a fact which the Pakistanis Knew that Better than Anybody else, because these are Generations of People who Never get to the Battlefield without Winning.

Our Afghan Friends in Makkah, “Muhammad Sābir, Muhammad Suhāib, Muhammad Akbar, Muhammad Hāfiz, Muhammad Shabbīr, and Many More of these Beautiful Faced Muhammads” have told those of Us who were Students with them in the Same Class and at the Same Faculty in Umm Al-Qurā University that Pakistan’s involvement in the Internal Affairs of Afghanistan is a “Must Fact” whether the Pakistani Government has a Secret Agenda in doing that or not. The Truth was that Millions of Afghans were Homed in Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi, Islamabad and across Towns and Villages of the Muslim Subcontinent Nation. I Personally Vividly Remember that our Afghan Colleagues at the University used to be Issued with “Travelling Tickets” for the Three Months Long Vocation to either Lahore or Peshawar aboard both “PIA and Saudi Air” instead of Flying to Kabul because of the Terrible Instability of their Government then.

The British Pop Singer “Yūsuf Islām” (Formerly Cat Stevens) has Lyrically Stated this Reality in a Poem he Composed around 1983 in Commemoration of the Russian Occupation of Afghanistan.

In this Context I’m Saying it on the Top of My Voice and from the Bottom of My Heart that “Bõko Harām Insurgents” are not the Type and Same Character of the “Mujāhiddūn” or the “Tālibān” in Scope, Principle and Ideology, for the Tālibān are Fighters on a “Just Cause” while Bõko Harām were Terrorists Fighting on “Falsehood”, therefore their Victories are Incompatible.

If Bõko Harām were Fighting for Truth and they have Concrete Reasons that Triggered their Struggles if not being Sponsored to Fight Proxy Wars on behalf of Some Foreign Powers, for Sure one will Think of Something Tangible to be Reckoned with as their Struggles Continue.

The Initial Team of the Mujāhiddūn and Later Tālibān have Never Planned Killing their Fellow Countrymen and Women, in fact they have Never Promoted and Supported Osama Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda in their Terror Operations anywhere in the World because they don’t Believe it was a “Just Cause”. And Principally that is why You Never See an Afghan Fighter amongst the Ranks of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, if You Find One it’s by Accident.

The Main Reason why the Tālibān Government didn’t hand over Osama Bin Laden to the Americans was not because they are Terrorists Groups in “Corporate Agreements” with Al-Qaeda, rather, their Belief as Muslims is that they Can’t Release their Fellow Brother to an Unconfirmed, Unidentified and Unknown Charges to Someone who Proves to be an Enemy of both.

The Former Afghan Mujāhiddūn and their Younger Brothers, the New Tālibān who are now Consolidating their Political Muscles are “Zākirūnallāh” (Rememberers of Allāh) who are in Constant Mention of Allāh Ta’āla on their Lips unlike the Bõko Harām Insurgents who are Terrorists.

In fact not even the Americans ever Believe in Addressing the Tālibān as “Terrorists” because they Never look at them as One and Same;

The Bõko Harām Insurgents are Merciless and Heartless People that Can Never Form a Country, a Government and a Nation Similar in Simple Terms to the Tālibān, for the Tālibān Believe in “Karātun Bõko” (Western Education) because they have Medical Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Administrators and Many other Fields and Disciplines in their Midst, while ISWAP and “Jamā’atu Ahlus-Sunnäh Lid-Da’wati Wal-Jihād” are “Bõko Harāmites” (who were Staunch Anti-Western Education).

With this Reality on Ground, Whoever thinks that those “Highly Educated Tālibān” who Chase the Americans Out of Afghanistan will be the Same Consequence with the Activities of those “Illiterate Bõko Harām” Insurgents in Nigeria is Making a Foolish Assumption. Bõko Harām, ISWAP and any other Terrorist Organisation Can Never Win against the Sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with All the Corruption and Weakness of Our Political Machinery.

Nigerians Will definitely Leave to Pay Bigger Bills and Prices for the Failure of Our Governments but The “Almighty Allāh” is So Benevolent, Compassionate and Merciful to allow Some “Crazy Ruffians” Usurp Powers and Overthrow Systems which are Fundamentally Legitimate Polity despite Our Failures. We as a Nation Shall For Sure Overcome with the Little Determination, Courage and Sincerity in Us.

May Allāh Salvage Our Beloved Fatherland, Nigeria and Flush Away from Our Midst All those Wicked People Trying to Undermine the Efforts of the Righteous Ones Amongst Us.


I. M. Al-Amīn
Kano, Nigeria
Safar 13rd, 1443
Sept. 25th, 2021

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