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Amotekun arrest human parts traders in Oyo

Amotekun, Police halt against cultists in Ondo community

By Dilibe Michael

Three suspected human parts traders have been apprehended by Amotekun Corps operatives in Oyo State.

The defendants were arrested for allegedly killing a 73-year-old man, according to Metro Times.

The three suspects allegedly conspired to assassinate Adeniyi Adebisi Samuel in Ibadan.

Olalekan Akande, Ismail Muraina, and another person are among the suspects.

They were paraded at the Dandaru Area of Mokola in Ibadan on Tuesday by the Amotekun Corps.

Amotekun arrest human parts traders in Oyo

The accused were arrested in connection with the death of the deceased, according to Kazeem Akinro, the State Deputy Commandant of Amotekun.

“We heard a report yesterday evening about some suspected ritualists,” he stated.

“We began our investigation by arresting the first suspect at his home, who then led us to the other suspects.

“The suspects admitted to abducting a guy from the Amuloko-Akanran route, slaughtering him, and removing his head.

“After that, the head was transferred to Abdulrasheed Olanrewaju, who required it for religious purposes. Abdulrasheed was arrested, but he had already burned his head to ashes.”

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One of the accused, Olalekan Akande, confessed to using charm to kidnap the victim, according to Akinro.

He went on to say that after the inquiry was completed, the suspects will be handed over to the police.

“We’re still looking into it, and after we’ve completed our own investigation, we’ll turn the case over to the police.”

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