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BBNaija: I don’t like saga, says Orezi

BBNaija: I don't like saga, says Orezi

Saga, a Big Brother Naija housemate, has been blasted by Nigerian artist Esegine Allen, often known as Orezi, for his attitude towards Nini’s absence.

After learning Nini was absent from the house, Saga grew sober and broke down in tears on Thursday.

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Fans of the program have had different feelings on Saga’s reaction to Nini’s absence.

While some sympathize with Saga, others argue that his emotional breakdown is uncalled for given that he is competing for N90 million and Nini has stated that she has a lover outside the house.

BBNaija: I don’t like saga, says Orezi

Saga’s obsession with Nini, who has a boyfriend outside the house, should not be applauded, according to Orezi’s Instagram account.

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He detest men who lose concentration in life because of women, especially in a game involving N90m, he claims.

“Saga being enamored with another man’s lover who never misses an opportunity to tell him about her love for her boyfriend now acting like an immature child on national television in a game when N90m is at stake is nothing to celebrate or glorify,” Orezi said.

“I dislike men who lose focus easily, especially because of a woman.”

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