Bobrisky apologize to Tonto Dikeh days after calling her out

Bobrisky apologize to Tonto Dikeh days after calling her out

Bobrisky, the infamous Nigerian Cross Dresser, has swallowed the humble pie by publicly apologizing to his ex-bestie, Tonto Dikeh, much to the astonishment of many of his admirers.

Tonto Dikeh was recently called out on his Instagram page by Bobrisky, who accused her of being a chain smoker, addicted to hard drugs, and leading a phony life replete with debts.

His apology, however, comes only hours after music producer Samklef told him to watch his back, make amends with those he has insulted, or face the repercussions of his conduct.

“This is a message from the spiritual temple of Samklef. Please keep an eye on Bobrisky. When things go wrong, you won’t be able to locate genuine supporters. Reconcile, please! People close to you will not tell you the truth. I’m praying for you. On Instagram, Samklef said, “2much bad omen this September speaks a lot,” to which Bobrisky replied, “Thank You.”

Following his response to Samklef, he also posted a photo of Tonto Dikeh on his page and apologized to her, stating that while they may no longer be friends, he wants all hostility between the two of them wiped away.

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Bobrisky wrote, ” Tonto, I humiliated you here so is a must I come back here to apologize for calling you out !!! I honestly didn’t know what came over me, but I later realize I was wrong… pls find it in your heart to forgive me. Yes I might have be there for u as friends, the truth is you were also there for me at some point of my life. Pls find it in ur heart to forgive me once more. We necessarily shouldn’t be friends no more but let me apologize for calling you out.
To my fans, and to tonto fans I’m sorry many of you are disappointed at me, pls forgive me and I promise never to repeat dis no more. @iamfaithojo mummy thanks for giving me the best advice God bless you ma, you are truly a mother who don’t support evil. “

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