Buni under Fani's spells - an unforgivable political blasphemy

Buni under Fani’s spells – an unforgivable political blasphemy

I’m neither a Seasoned Fan in Politics nor a Carrier Politician who Might be Perplexed out of Political Bureaucracy and Oppositional Hypocrisy Placed in a Fix to Burst Out Into Flames of Cantankerous Fighting in Order to Win a Sort of a Careless Victory in the Most Filthy and Clumsy Unwarranted Mannerism that Often Depicts “Political Gamers” as the Worst Humans even above the Wild Beasts in Our Jungles.

Rather, I’m Compelled by the “Literal Human Conscience” left with Few of the Unlost Nigerians (My Humble Self inclusive) to “Vouch and Voice” Out Some Facts to My Utmost Belief Believing that at least if the Soul of a Single Politician is “Saved”, i May Perhaps End Up Earning a Heavenly Reward of “Saving and Servicing” My Society to which as a Believer and Beloved of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) knows that the Holy Prophet of Islām has Truly Communicated that Very Beautiful Gospel to the World.

We (Myself and President Buhāri inclusive) have All Bore Our Allegiance to this Great Messenger of Allāh with Total Submission and Registered Loyalty, for that was why the Chief Executive of the Federal Republic was Sworn-in as President Swearing with the Holy Qur’ān, the “Same Sacred Scripture” brought to the Universe by “Annabi Muhammad”, and not by the Supremacy of that Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I recently Read of “Comrade Solomon Dalong’s Rebukes” on Fani over the Unfortunate Callously Repairable Political Dalliance of the “APC” to bring in the Heretic Errant Boy of Obasanjo Up the Holy Altar to Undertake a “Political Pilgrimage to Aso Rock” as the Former Sports Minister Seemed to have Bruised in Agony over the Prevailing Situation in the Country.

The Honourable Governor of Yobe State, “Mall. Mai-Mala Buni” was a Champion in his Political Zone where throughout his Political Career has been a “Sincere Figure” in Partisan Engineering. Why not, for indeed he was One amongst the “Kingmakers” that Paved the Way for President Muhammadu Buhāri becoming an Occupant of Aso Rock today.

In fact President Buhāri has Never doubted the Integrity of Buni that is why Whoever Comes the way to Meet the Retired General through the Clean “Intermediary” of Hon. Buni has definitely Scaled Up.

But and however, the Political Atmospheric Condition Patently in Circulation is, of which even the Foolish, Silly and Idiot Nigerians will ask, is,

“What is Wrong with Our Own Version of Politics? What Kind of Political Principles is in Operation in Our System? And what’s the Type of Political Souls and Hearts did Our Politicians have in their Biological Systems?”

That, we All Allow Ourselves to be Seeing, Watching and Observing Some Sort of Crazy and Mentally Retarded Persons Playing around Our Intelligence in the Holy Name of “Political Freedom of Choice” when a Political Bastard will Derogatorily Debase, Abuse and Slander the Integrity of Institutions Representing Religion, Tribal Groups and Revered Personalities and Easily and Freely got away with it without an Eyebrow being Raised at Such Persons for Checking and Balancing.

Fani was Technically one of Such Persons who “Lost Political Consciousness” that he Abused all Spheres and Segments of the Sovereignty of Our Beloved Fatherland.

I ain’t President Buhāri’s Lawyer or One of the “Presidential Aide Attorneys” to Prepare a Court Case against the Political Harlot, the So-called “FFK”, a Mistakable and Mistaken Political Kennedy of Nigeria.

Yet I Equally Can’t be amongst One of those Idiots who will be to Seeing their Country “Sinking Down” as a Wrecking Ship when there are Laws to Stop these Kinds of Mess Ups which no True Human Democracy Can allow to Imbalance their Systems, and So we Can’t.

Indeed, President Buhāri Reaching to this Level of his Political Accomplishment will Tend to Tolerate and be even Most Forgiving to what his Opponents have done to him Personally, but the “Nigerian Law” Must be above Individual Forgiveness and Goodness against Woefully Designed Treachery.

I’m not a “Perfect Lawyer”, but at the Same Time I ain’t a Woeful Subconscious Layman in the Noble Field. If there Should be Law on “Religious Blasphemy” which has Sent “Mallam Abdul-Jabbār Nāsiru Kabara” behind Bars awaiting Trial, there Equally Ought to be Laws on “Political Blasphemy” not because they Relate to Individuals (not Meant to be Protected by Such Laws), but because they are Predominantly Ridiculing the Security of the Nation, Disgracing the Ordinary Citizenry’s Civil Rights, Destroying Nigerians Trust of the Political System, Castigating the Future of the Country’s Unity as a Federation and Legalising “Hate Speeches”.

And going by the Number of Unclean Political Sins of “Femi Fani Kayode (FFK)” since the Beginning of 2015 to date, in his Actions and Utterances, no One will have an Inch of Doubt Over the Recidivism of this Monstrous Human Being whom Many Considered to be “Schizophrenic” in the Making as far as the Urgent Need for Readjustment of Our Political Machinery, So Much So that we don’t Allow the Ship of Democracy Carrying Nigeria on this Long Voyage Sink to Rubble without Saving Ourselves from Drowning Forever. We Must Keep the Ship on the Anchorage to Remain Unshakeable by those Oceanic Winds of Political Thugs.

I have no intention to Recount the Reckless Manners of Fani because his “Political illnesses” were already Diagnosed by All Nigerians, both those who Drive Pleasure in his Filthy Utterances as well as those who Felt Threatened. Hence My Position as an “Onlooker Clearly Seeing Much of the Game” than the Politicians themselves, it is My Duty as Student of Law in the Making (if i negate to be Walking with its Scholars) to be a “Campaigner” for a Political Sanity into Our Ailing Democracy So Much So that Our Society Defeat the ill-Gotten Child of Politics who is Trying to Disown Us before we Caste him Away from Our Zones.

If there will be Legal Laws against “Child’s Abuse & Negligence” that Eases “Juvenile Delinquencies”, definitely there Ought to be Stiff Established Laws against Reckless Politicians who are Trying to throw the Country into Chaos.

The Indiscipline of Our “Contemporary Politicians” is Virtually Equal to None Considering Our Cultural Heritage, Religious and Traditional Institutionalized Attachments that has Govern Our Lives for Decades and Centuries. We Just Can’t have Transformed into this Level of Decadence without Seriously Planning and Working Out for a Change to a Politically Developed Society. This isn’t the Principles in Operation in All the Political Systems we have Copied from. They aren’t as Hooligans as we Prove to be as of Today.

If “Mrs. Sarah Jibrīn” would have Advised the Federal Government for a “Psychiatric Test” to be Administered Upon All Political Aspirants, then for Sure it’s High Time for Our “Judiciary” to think of being the “Autonomous Institution” Shouldering the Burden of being the Only “Law Making Organ” rather than Solely Continue to be Mishandled by Our Present “Legislative System” who were only Group of Absent-Minded Persons Hanging around in Abuja’s “Three Arms Zone” by Accident, thus determining the Fate of “200 Million Lives” across Table of “Sandwiches and Snacks” Moisturize with Variety of Foreign Juices and Drinks.

Yes, we Mustn’t Forget that “2023” is Pass Approaching with almost “Zero Effort” on the Part of the Presidency in Aso Rock to Engrain Real Discipline into Nigerian “Partisan Politics”, that is why People like Fani-Kayode and Cahoots have the Guts to Continue Creating All Sorts of Mess in Our Political Midst.

President Muhammadu Buhāri as the Only hope Left to Many Nigerians at this Most Crucial Moment of Our Political History should Engineer the Urgent Passing of the Bill against “Hate Speech” (which Technically is Equal in Magnitude to Political Blasphemy), and of which if not Urgently and Immediately Arrested, it will Keep Nigerians in Total Mistrust and Despair of Persons who are Supposed to be their Heroes to whom they Solemnly, Solely and Seriously Relied Upon for Ages. Nigerians of Course Mustn’t be Pushed to the Walk in “Losing Hope” on their “Last Hopefuls”, for that alone is a “Criminal Offence” in Other Civilisations Punishable by “Stoning and Hanging” because they believed that Political Leadership Must not be an Official Seat for Treacherous Treason against their People.

Of Course if “Fani” has not Casted Some Spells on “Buni”, the Honourable Governor of Yobe State Wouldn’t have allowed himself to be “Used” by this Incorporated Political Dissident who have Ridiculed the Northerners (Yan-Arēwa), Mocked Islām and the Muslims, Made a Laughing Stock of the Unity of the Federation of Nigeria by Declaring his Support to Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB on Several Occasions, instigated the Niger Deltians against the Federal Government and So on, as his Lists of Criminal Records goes up.


I. M. Al-Amīn
Kano, Nigeria
Safar 11th, 1443
Sept. 19th, 2021

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