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Counting the End of Evil men…

By Haruspice

Disgruntled by unmet political aspirations, people take refuge in deadly ploy, just to make the man who collected their looting bottle from their mouths.

This deadly terrorist was once massively defended by Gumi, in fact, he likened him to a freedom fighter and should be accorded the badge of amnesty! Someone who coordinates a terror gang be honoured with amnesty? This daring demand came from Gumi, a political cum Islamic leader!

The victims of this terror commander are largely people who share same language and faith as Gumi, they were sacked from their abodes, killed and buried in mass shallow graves. No one cried for them, no one rose in their defence but we have a Gumi standing stoically for the terrorists. What they have become today is largely because people like Gumi gave them the legitimacy of brute.

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This terror leader is dead but can his miserable life recompense for the lives of the many innocent lives killed in Kaduna, Zamfara, Katsina, Sokoto etc by the combined madness of all the terror groups!

Gumi is not alone in this legitimatization of crook non-state actors who go viciously against the state. Nnamdi Kanu had the backing of some Igbo leaders to the point that governors from the East were paying homage to him, a former Minister Ostia Chidoka who spent better part of his life protecting lives as a road safety czar tragically became a defender of a Kanu that called for the extermination of lives – scary contradictions for Chidoka! Abaribe also gave impetuous to Nnamdi Kanu, the result of their backing to Kanu is the number of innocent deaths in the East today.

Sunday Igboho enjoyed the same legitimacy of a renegade when prominent Yoruba leaders became proud defenders of his action. Prof Wole Soyinka, Obasanjo and retinue of political cum editors wrote in stoic defence of their man. For political correctness, the elites give legitimacy to violent agitators and turn around to blame the government when the same monsters they brew become deadly monstrous and untamed.

Whoever plot the fall of Nigeria will surely fall in disgrace and shame, for your actions, thousand lays dead and many displaced. Evil men, your days of shameful end is here like you plotted the end of innocent souls, we shall stand awake to see your shameful end..your smelly end is here.

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