Makinde: Do not restore schools to missionaries, says Muslims

Makinde: Do not restore schools to missionaries, says Muslims

Seyi Makinde

Muslims in Oyo State have encouraged Governor Seyi Makinde not to restore schools to missionaries under the aegis of the Muslim Community of Oyo State (MUCOYS).

They made this declaration in a statement signed by the Chairman and Secretary, respectively, Alhaji Kunle Sanni and Alhaji Murisiku Siyanbade, and made available to Metro Times on Wednesday.

Various organisations and individuals in the state have been putting pressure on the governor to restore some primary and secondary schools to missionaries and religious bodies, according to our source.

According to the DAILY POST, the government had taken over several religious organizations’ schools.

The schools are now supported by public funds.

Muslims, on the other hand, have asked the government not to hand over the schools to the missionaries.

According to them, such an endeavour is incompatible with religious peace and good administration.

Seyi Makinde

They claimed that such a move would lead to a return to the dark ages of Islamophobia.

Rather than returning the schools to religious entities, they suggested that the Governor invest in school infrastructure across the state.

“Do not follow this line. It is diametrically opposed to religious harmony and good government.

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“It’s an attempt to return us to the dark ages of utter impunity when it comes to Islam.

“It would also further impoverish the poor, who will be compelled to remove their children and wards from schools when missions and shady school entrepreneurs take over and charge exorbitant fees. On Earth, it will be hell.

“Rather than returning schools, we believe the government should focus on improving infrastructure and education quality in our schools,” they said.

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