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PDP elects ward executives in Kwara ahead of 2023

Party members in Kwara state have elected their ward executives throughout the state’s 193 wards, with most wards opting for a consensus structure ahead of the Peoples Democratic Party’s national convention in October.

On Saturday, party members who took part in a peaceful activity in several of the wards monitored by ait.live voiced optimism about winning the general elections in 2023.

The activity, which began late in the state, drew a big number of participants. Party supporters were observed in large numbers participating in the election in Ajikobi central ward in the Ilorin West local government area of the state, which is also the ward of the immediate past Senate president, Bukola Saraki.

The affirmation agreement, according to some recently elected ward executives, is a sign of the party’s success in the upcoming general elections in 2023.

Other parties involved in the exercise expressed pleasure with the consensus agreement reached.

PDP ward congresses were also held in Lagos State, with low turnout in certain wards visited and high turnout in others.

The activity was likewise handled in a non-aggressive manner.

PDP members in Adamawa State elected their ward executives by consensus.

Baba Tella, the head of the panel dispatched by the national secretariat to conduct the Congress, watched various wards in the Yola North, Yola South, and Girei Local Government Areas.

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He also praised party members for conducting themselves in a professional manner throughout the exercise.

People are required to conduct a new congress in the event of death, defection, or if an executive has already served two terms, according to the party.

Mohammed Bello, an executive in Yola South’s Bako Ward, praised the congress’s proceedings as well.

Yelwa, Alkalawa, and Nasarawo Wards in Yola North Local Government Area are among the wards watched by ait.live.

Others were in the Girei Local Government Area and Bako ward in Yola South Local Government Area of the state.

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