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Police warns Christians over praying in forest

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The Ogun state police command has issued a warning to members of the public not to organize prayer sessions in the forest to prevent being abducted.

Despite a series of warnings and security advice, the leadership voiced worry that certain members of the public continue to hold prayer sessions in the forest.

It was claimed that this made them easy prey for kidnappers hiding in the forests.

The command, according to Abimbola Oyeyemi, the Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, said the warning was vital even though it recognizes an individual’s right to religious freedom.

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“It is worth noting that the current security situation in the country does not favor holding prayer sessions in remote locations,” he remarked.

According to a police spokesman, the command is working hard to eliminate criminal elements that have turned kidnapping into a business.

Oyeyemi encouraged the general public to “avoid creating possibilities for them to operate” until they are satisfactorily removed.

He said that security should be considered as everyone’s concern, and that everyone should do their share to protect themselves and their belongings, noting that “after all, the Torah even urged us to watch and pray.”

“If there is any compelling cause to engage in such prayer sessions,” he said, “the organizers should report to the nearest police station for guidance and possible security patrol of the area.”

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