2023: PDP still waxing strong, will win general elections – Gov. Ortom

2023: PDP still waxing strong, will win general elections – Gov. Ortom

Ortom urge FG on security as more IDPs flood Makurdi camp

Gov. Samuel Ortom of Benue State expressed confidence in the PDP’s growing strength and predicted a landslide victory in the 2023 general elections in Makurdi on Saturday.

He told reporters that the PDP was now in a stronger position and that it was poised to take power from the ruling APC.

“The PDP has made mistakes in the past and has learned a lot from them, and it is perfectly prepared to take over the country’s leadership from the APC.”

“No one should mislead you into believing that the PDP is polarized. As a group, we’re putting in a lot of effort.

“We got together and decided that the positions in the north should travel to the south, and the positions in the south should go to the north.”

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“This is the resolution of the Zoning Committee and it is graciously accepted at the national level.

“Nobody has begrudged the decision. It is widely accepted by all PDP members,’’ the governor said.

He added that he was yet to decide whether he would be contesting the Senatorial election in 2023.

“I am still consulting with God because I do not take any decision without consulting my God.

“If He says yes, I will go ahead and contest, but if He says no, I will obey His decision,’’ Ortom said.

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