Actress Wunmi Toriola accused of brutalising nanny over son’s treatment in Lagos

Motunrayo Azeez, a nanny, has accused a Nollywood actress, Wunmi Toriola, of brutalizing her over accusations that her son was drugged at their home in Gbagada, Lagos State.

Toriola, who went to work on Friday, left her son in the care of Azeez, according to Metro Times.

According to our source, the nanny picked up the youngster after school hours and drove him home.

When they returned home, Azeez claimed she had fed the youngster and taken him outside to play.

Shortly later, the nanny stated that she realized the boy had a fever and administered medication to him.

Toriola, who was watching the scenario on a CCTV equipment connected to her phone, became enraged, and things took a turn for the worst.

“She asked why I gave the baby drugs without her permission, and I apologized, but she then accused me of constantly drugging her son to put him to sleep, and I told her that yesterday (Friday) was the first time I would give him the drugs: paracetamol and Vitamin C, along with the cough medicine she had purchased.”

“I was taken aback by the charge because I had no reason to drug her son; yet, she stated that she did not want to meet with me at home when she returned.” So I packed my belongings and sat outside the gate, but she later told the gateman not to let me in.

“When she returned about 8 p.m., she began swearing and shouting at me. She subsequently told me that we were going to the police station and that I should get in her car. I got into the car since my thoughts were clear about her and her son. Rather than driving to the police station, she went to the estate gate and dropped me off with the guards, telling them they could not let me escape.

“She began thrashing me at the gate and then brought me back to my house.” When we returned home, she ordered that I be imprisoned in a room; later, her husband summoned a soldier, who whipped me with a horsewhip and shocked me with an electric shocker,” Azeez explained.

The actress threatened to lock her up in the house for three weeks to monitor her son’s health, according to the 27-year-old nanny.

When Azeez’s mother appealed for daughter, the actress is said to have taken her to a police station to sign an undertaking.

“As soon as we got out of the police station, she pulled over to the side of the road and began punching me and tugging my phone, claiming she wanted to confiscate it.” People were merely watching us, believing we were in a movie, as she strewn my garments across the road. However, when they noticed me crying and imploring her outside the car, they inquired as to what had happened.

She then drove away after handing me my phone. When I described what had happened to them, I was packing my clothes from the road with the help of others. They told me to call the cops on her, and two individuals followed me to the station.

“With the thrashing I suffered from her and the army, I didn’t get myself.” I’m seeking justice since I simply gave her son medications out of the goodness of my heart.”

Toriola, who claimed she didn’t hit Azeez, claimed her son had been sleeping for days and that seeing the nanny give him medicines without her permission made her suspicious.

She said that her child’s babysitter was always beating her child, according to neighbors.

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“Apparently, she knew there was a camera inside, so she took the youngster outside and beat him,” she added.

“I realized that my active son was merely sleeping a week later, thus catching her on tape giving him medicines raised my suspicions.” My son’s cough had gone for about two weeks, so the fact that she was still giving him cough medicine without informing me that he had a fever or was coughing means she gave him the medicine around 6 p.m. so that he could sleep and she could check her phone.

“When I went home, I inquired what happened; I didn’t beat her since she ducked my hand when I tried to beat her. When I phoned my husband, he told me not to do anything until he returned. When he arrived, he summoned the cops to pick her up and take her to the police station to write a statement. But I was the one pleading with them not to take her away since her family was also pleading with me.

“I don’t want a lawsuit because her mother pleaded with me from Epe to let her go, which I did, only to receive your message now.” Now I’m going to open the case; I’m going to Panti (SCIID); I’ve got all the evidence of what she did.”

Adekunle Ajisebutu, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, claimed he had not been briefed on the issue.

He promised to contact our journalist, but as of the time of posting this report, he had not done so.

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