Borno: We’re not miscreants – APC youths ask Zulum to withdraw statement

Borno youths under the aegis of the Borno All Progressive Congress (APC) Youths Vanguard have called on Governor Babagana Zulum to retract his statement describing the youths as miscreants and hangers-on, warning that unless he does, the days ahead will remind him of how hard they worked to bring him to power.

“We have fought hard to put this government into power, only for the governor to allege that it was youths vanguard (ECOMOG) and Mohammed Yusuf who generated insecurity in the state,” the group’s spokesman, Ibrahim Hassan, said in an interview with media at the NUJ Press Centre on Tuesday. We are pleading with him to retrace his steps since he is our father.

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“We have always been responsible political youths and law-abiding citizens, starting with the NRC, UNCP, APP, ANPP, and APC. Yes, we agreed that there are a few rotten apples among us, but he shouldn’t assume we’re all criminals. We are men and women of the party who are responsible.”

“We are speaking on behalf of the remaining youths,” he added. We are members of the APC who have suffered a great deal at the hands of insurgents; some of us have been killed, maimed, and have suffered a great deal of physical and psychological trauma. We see no reason why we should be associated with Boko Haram as the source of insecurity and insurgency in the state.”

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He stated that they were dissatisfied with the behavior of the bad apples among them, which is why they have been disciplining them. He also stated that they were dissatisfied with the governor’s statement linking them to Boko Haram, but that as law-abiding party members, they will continue to support the government and the party at large unless otherwise.

“We have been working hard for the victory of the party right from the commencement of democratic governance in 1999,” stated another member of the young vanguard, Yakubu Dan Alhaji.

We are not thrilled that he has rewarded us with this statement, but we are pleading with him to rescind it unless he is claiming that he brought himself to power.

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