COVID-19: India to pay $674 compensation for every death

COVID-19: India to pay $674 compensation for every death

The government’s decision to pay 50,000 rupees ($674) as compensation for each fatality caused by Covid-19 has been authorized by India’s highest court.

The Supreme Court’s decision came in response to a lawsuit filed by Indian lawyers demanding compensation under the country’s disaster management regulations.

Although India has officially documented about 447,000 Covid-19 deaths, researchers believe that the pandemic could have killed up to ten times as many people.

On Monday, October 4, Justice MR Shah stated that this compensation would be granted to the “next of kin of the dead person.” He stated that this would be “in addition to the monies provided by the center and state under different beneficent programmes.”

The compensation should be provided within 30 days after a family submits a claim, according to the court.

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The news comes after petitioners asked the court in June to intervene in the payment of compensation to the families of Covid-19 victims.

They claimed that because Covid-19 was “specially” declared a disaster under India’s National Disaster Management Act, sufferers should be compensated.

The 2005 law was designed to provide effective disaster management, including the development of mitigation methods, capacity building, and compensation for lost lives, injuries, and property damage.

According to the law, families of persons who have died in a disaster should receive monetary assistance of 400,000 rupees.

The compensation will be provided “to the next of kin of the dead owing to Covid-19, subject to the cause of death being certified as Covid-19” as per the standards, according to the Indian government. The states will supply the funding for this compensation.

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