Facebook to ban contents that sexually harasses public figures

Facebook to ban contents that sexually harasses public figures

Facebook, the social media behemoth, has declared that it will begin eliminating “severe sexualizing content” aimed at public people.

Antigone Davis, Facebook’s global head of safety, announced the new development in a blog post on Wednesday, saying it was part of a new update to the company’s bullying and harassment policy.

“The policy modifications also include organized harassment campaigns against users,” Davis says.

“We would remove any profiles, pages, organizations, or events dedicated to sexualizing public figures, including celebrities, politicians, and content creators, as part of this new policy update.”

“Sexualized photoshops and drawings, as well as any humiliating content “in the process of bodily functions,” are prohibited under the new policy.

“We’d also get rid of “unwanted sexualized remarks” and pestering a someone sexually on a regular basis.

“Politicians, journalists, entertainers, and content creators all utilize Facebook and Instagram to interact directly with their fans.

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“We made these modifications because attacks like these can weaponize a public figure’s looks,” Davis wrote, “which is unneeded and often unrelated to the work these public figures represent.”

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