I can't relax since my children are being murdered, says Mbaka

I can’t relax since my children are being murdered, says Mbaka

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, has claimed that there is agitation in the military and police.

Mbaka revealed this in a sermon to his audience on Sunday.

“People are not agitating for no reason,” he stated, urging President Muhammadu Buhari to “listen to the cause of their agitation.”

Mbaka further stated that if Buhari “puts the round peg in the round hole,” Nigerian banditry will be eradicated.

“Children are being killed,” he said. Nigerians are the ones being bombarded. Nobody will give a prize to a parent or mother who murders their children.

“The answer is straightforward. Banditry will die if you put round pegs in round holes.

“People aren’t protesting for no reason.” Pay attention to the source of their anxiety.

“Because there is agitation even in the military.” There is agitation in the police, the church, and the family.

Mbaka simply stated that “the Spirit of God is not pleased with our leaders,” and that he cannot remain silent while Nigerians suffer.

“No matter how they try to spin things, the Spirit of God isn’t pleased with our leaders. The Spirit of God cannot be mute even if all the men of God are silent.

“If the poor masses weep, we as God’s men must weep with them.” Because they refer to us as fathers.

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“I can’t relax since my children are being murdered.”

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