Itel partners spectrum phones on technology access

Itel partners spectrum phones on technology access

Itel Nigeria and Spectrum Phones have partnered to bring technology and innovative products to Nigerians.

This they achieved with the launch of Itel’s one-stop shop in Lagos, which will offer clients a variety of products ranging from mobile phones to household appliances.
Itel stated at the recent unveiling of its first home store in Lagos’ Agege neighborhood that it will give consumers in the Nigerian market with reasonable products and user-friendly brands.

Chidi Okonkwo, the general manager of Itel Nigeria and Transsion Holdings, stated at the launch of the Itel store in Lagos that the brand has had Itel mobile phone products in the country for a long time and, in addition to the products, has introduced laptops, television sets, and other home appliances into the Nigerian market.

These incredible things, he claimed, will be released under the Itel brand.
While explaining why Agege was chosen, Okonkwo stated that the brand teamed with Spectrum Phones Limited to open a store that will offer a variety of products ranging from mobile phones to home appliances and laptops in a one-stop shop.

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“We want our people to have access to technology and innovation, and we believe that through technology and innovation, we can improve as many lives as possible,” he said. “That is why we are establishing an Itel home in Agege.”

Kate Adesomoju, the chief executive officer of Spectrum Phones Limited, also spoke at the event, saying that the Itel home store is for every home in the country because it offers home appliances such as television sets, mobile phones, laptops, and clippers, among other things, at very good quality and affordable prices.

“As the first partner of the Itel brand, we want every of the brand products to be found in the Nigerian market at a good price. We will keep working with them to ensure every Nigerian is a beneficiary of their products,” she said.

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