Man arrested for murder of wife, Maya in USA

Authorities stated on Tuesday that the spouse of missing California lady Maya “May” Millete was arrested in connection with her presumed death.

Despite the fact that Maya’s body has not been recovered, Larry Millete, 39, has been charged with her murder, according to San Diego prosecutors.

Maya, 39, was last seen on January 7, only days before a family vacation.

At the time, Larry thought that the Chula Vista mother of three had gone to get some alone time.

“A missing body is circumstantial proof that there was foul play and a murder because someone who takes their own life cannot hide their body,” Summer Stephan, the San Diego District Attorney, stated at a press conference this afternoon.

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Larry killed his wife, according to the DA, in order to keep her from leaving their marriage.

“May desired a divorce for a variety of reasons. Larry, her spouse, did not want the divorce,” Stephan explained.

“There is frequently a precipitating incident in homicide instances. May’s most recent phone call was to a divorce lawyer. She didn’t pick up the phone again.”

Man arrested for murder of wife, Maya Millete in USA

Officials stated her spouse had hired someone to cast spells on her before she vanished in May.

“Larry was desperate to keep May, so he contacted spellcasters,” Stephan explained.

“He was requesting that May become handicapped… so that she might remain at home, so demonstrating his homicidal idealizations to harm May.”

Prosecutors provided evidence that Larry left his house for 11 hours on Jan. 8 to dispose of May’s body, as well as the fact that he refused to turn over a revolver to police that they suspect was used to kill her.

The charges surprised Larry’s lawyer because there was no evidence that May was deceased.

“Right now, there’s a lot of speculation,” Bonita P Martinez told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “It’s just supposition without a body.” They need confirmation that she is no longer alive.”

According to the site, a SWAT team invaded Millete’s home on Tuesday afternoon, announcing themselves with loudspeakers and flashbangs, and arresting the suspect.

May informed family members days before she went, “If anything happened to me, it would be Larry.”

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