NDLEA chairman, explains why cannabis cannot be legalized in Nigeria

NDLEA chairman, explains why cannabis cannot be legalized in Nigeria

According to research, cannabis cannot be legalized because drugs are the cause of high crime rates and violent killings, according to retired Brig.-Gen. Buba Marwa, Chairman, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

Mr Femi Babafemi, Marwa’s Director of Media and Advocacy, stated on Friday in Abuja that drugs are the accelerator of turmoil, pogroms, and war in developing or third-world countries.

He cautioned that the number of Nigerians addicted to cannabis outnumbers the populations of Portugal, Greece, and the Republic of Benin combined.

Nigerians cannot afford to ignore the grave consequences of legalizing cannabis.

He emphasized that all of the necessary infrastructure for monitoring and controlling narcotics was still lacking.

“We’ve seen narco-terrorism in Colombia and Mexico, where drug gangs are as powerful as, if not more powerful than, the government.

“There are real incidents, not hypothetical situations, of illicit narcotics playing a role in a society’s quick decline into chaos and teetering on the verge of collapse.

“So today’s essential question is: Has drugs had any role in Nigeria’s increasing insecurity?”

Yes, it is correct. We have ample proof of this.

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“Cannabis sativa is the most misused of all illicit drugs, and the National Drug Survey of 2018 found that it is becoming a national albatross,” he stated.

Marwa also urged people not to treat cannabis like a harmless candy with no side effects, because the negative consequences outweighed the benefits.

He claimed that legalizing cannabis production in a country like Nigeria would be counterproductive.

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