Network Outage: MTN puts up measure to prevent further disruptions

In order to recompense MTN network users for an outage connection that left them stranded on October 9, 2021, the network’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Olutokun Toriola, apologized again in a video message and promised compensation.

“Recently, we suffered an outage that left our customers without a connection for several hours,” Toriola explained. I’d like to begin with a heartfelt apologies on behalf of the entire MTN team. We sincerely regret the inconvenience this has caused so many of our MTN family members.

We understand that millions of people rely on us to keep in touch with their loved ones, run their businesses, and organize their lives. We take that honor and obligation extremely seriously. That’s why we’re putting new safeguards in place to ensure that anything like this never happens again.

“Our technical staff have tracked the problem down to an error that forced all of our 4G clients to switch to the 3G band.” The 3G band was overloaded as a result, generating a domino effect that affected the entire network. Our engineers were successful in resolving the issue.

Other technology companies, I’m aware, have recently had problems. I’d like to reassure you that the event on Saturday (October 9) is unrelated to those. This wasn’t sabotage; it was a miscalculation.

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“While we endeavor to reinforce our network to prevent future disruptions of any kind, we wanted to do something more than simply extend the validity of all time-bound plans by 24 hours, which we did as soon as service was restored.”

“While we can’t make up for the time you lost, we can reimburse you for the money you spent yesterday.” Every MTN customer who used data or airtime between 12 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. yesterday has received a refund. We think it demonstrates how important our customers are to us. “You are, without a doubt, our primary focus,” Toriola continued.

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