Norway: Several killed, injured in bow-and-arrow attack

Norway: Several killed, injured in bow-and-arrow attack

According to officials who detained the alleged assailant, a guy with a bow and arrow murdered many people and injured others in Norway on Wednesday.

The unnamed intruder, armed with a Robin Hood-style weapon, allegedly wandered around creating mayhem on the small town of Kongsberg on Wednesday night, according to local Police Chief yvind Aas.

“The individual has been apprehended… According to the UK Guardian, “given the knowledge we now have, this person carried out these crimes alone.” “A number of people have been injured, and a number of people have died.”

He wouldn’t specify how many people were killed, but said the perpetrator left “many crime scenes” as he travelled about the city.

Norway: Several killed, injured in bow-and-arrow attack

After armed cops and helicopters rushed to the area, a significant portion of the town, located 50 miles outside of the country’s capital, Oslo, was cordoned off Wednesday night.

On Wednesday, the injured victims were transferred to a hospital, and the city’s crisis team was assisting those in need.

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Unni Grndal, an Oslo police spokesperson, said, “We are assisting with national assistance resources such as police helicopters, bomb squads, and workers from the Emergency Response Troop.”

Other information, such as the motive, was not immediately available on Wednesday.

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