Owen Wilson’s ex claims he’s never met their 3-year-old daughter

Owen Wilson’s ex claims he’s never met their 3-year-old daughter

Varunie Vongsvirates, Owen Wilson’s ex-wife and mother of his 3-year-old daughter Lyla, claims the actor has yet to meet his daughter despite keeping contacts with his two older kids.

“Unfortunately, he has never met her,” Vongsvirates told The Daily Mail two days after sharing a lovely photo of the youngster celebrating her third birthday on Instagram.

“Happy 3rd birthday to my rambunctious toddler!” Vongsvirates, 37, posted a snapshot of Lyla, who is a spitting likeness of her famous father, “I love you very much!!!!”

In 2019, Vongsvirates told the outlet that she had pleaded with the 52-year-old “Wedding Crashers” star to be a part of Lyla’s life multiple times, but that he is “not involved at all” with his daughter and has “never” met his mini-me.

Owen Wilson’s ex claims he’s never met their 3-year-old daughter

She added at the time, “He helps financially, but it’s never been about that,” adding, “Lyla needs a father.” It’s funny how [Owen] continues getting parent roles; in fact, he’s portraying a father in his latest film and has never met his own kid.”

The duo dated for five years before splitting up, with the “Saturday Night Live” star confirming his paternity in 2018.

Vongsvirates gave birth to her daughter on October 9, 2018 without Owen there.

The star, on the other hand, appears to have a terrific relationship with his two boys, Robert, 10, who is named after the “Wonder” actor’s father, and Finn, 7, whom he has with exes Jade Duell and Caroline Lindqvist, respectively.

Wilson discussed the closeness between his two sons on “Ellen” in 2017, referring to his eldest son Robert by his middle name Ford.

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“It’s incredible.” I mean, whatever Ford says is the funniest thing ever, and I can crack a joke and get silence. It’s like nothing they’ve done before.”

“I’m already seeing how they’re going to be as adolescents, where they’ll be ganging up on me,” he continued.

Wilson’s representative has been contacted for comment by Page Six.

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