Oyedepo rains curse on killer herdsmen, other criminals

Oyedepo rains curse on killer herdsmen, other criminals

Bishop David Oyesepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder and president of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, on Friday, cursed criminal groups spreading devastation across the country.

During a special church service to commemorate 2021 Independence Day, Oyedepo said it is time for God to judge killer herdsmen and other elements who have rendered parents childless and wives widows.

The well-known pastor, who is also one of the most prominent gospel preachers in the country, claimed that the country will not continue to be plagued by insecurity and other problems.

“Nigeria will be a safe land once more,” he stated. Traveling across the South, East, and West will no longer be a terrifying experience.

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“Those who have deprived a large number of parents of their children will go for it. They’ll pay the price with their lives. Those who trade human lives for pea nuts have reached the end of their generation.

“Today, the powers behind Fulani herders will be judged.

“Now the Lord replied to me, ‘I have touched your tongue with a coal of fire, and from now on, everything you utter will be seen.’ Trouble has arrived in the wicked’s camp.

“Some went for NYSC and were unable to return; their parents are unable to locate them. They have been destroyed by the wickedness of the wicked.”

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