Pastor sentenced to life imprisonment for sodomizing children in Uganda

Pastor sentenced to life imprisonment for sodomizing children in Uganda

After being convicted of six counts of aggravated trafficking in children and six counts of aggravated defilement, the International Crimes Division of Uganda’s High Court (ICD) sentenced a pastor to life in prison on Friday, October 8.

Mr Didas Mpagi, alias Bakulu, who was the principal of Real Infant Primary School in Wakiso District when he committed the crimes between 2018 and 2019, was sentenced on Friday to serve the rest of his natural life in prison for sodomizing at least 13 students.

In Uganda, a pastor was sentenced to life in prison for sodomizing students.

Mr Mpagi will serve his sentences simultaneously, according to Justice David Wangutusi.

Concerned residents alerted the police, who launched an investigation into the situation. When the investigation was completed, it was found that Mpagi was not only the school’s headmaster, but also a warden for the male students. He was also found to be sleeping in the same dormitory as his victims, all of whom were male, and sexually exploiting them at night.

Mpagi chose his victims from economically disadvantaged homes, according to the findings. For his own sensual pleasures, he is claimed to have targeted them to stay in the boarding wing of the institution.

Mpagi threatened to cease paying their school fees or revoke their scholarships if the students did not heed his demands once they were at his school and dormitories, according to the prosecution.

“The victims revealed that they were forced to spend some nights in the accused’s bed, and that they were forced to sleep naked while there.” The defendants would massage their entire bodies, including their genitalia. The accused would then fondle the genitals of victims with his fingers before engaging in oral and anal sex with them, according to the indictment.

Pastor sentenced to life imprisonment for sodomizing pupils in Uganda

Prosecution contended that Mr Mpagi held out monetary benefits with the intention of making his victims submissive and sex slaves. It further said Mr Mpagi — who was found to be 28 years and of sound mind — created a sense of insecurity among his victims.

When the police conducted a search at his home, a number of pieces of evidence were found. These included lubricating gels, creams, love letters from the victims, assorted documents, techno mobile phone, flash disk, among other items.

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“I have considered the submissions of both counsel. The convict is indeed a first-time offender, he is a married man with children. These are important in mitigation and should be considered so. Court also noted that he has been on remand for two and a half years but that notwithstanding, the offenses of trafficking and aggravated defilement are grave and convicts shouldn’t be handled with glove fingers,” the judge said.

The judge added: “The accused was the custodian of these children. He had received them from very poor families whom he had given assurance that the children would be looked after properly. Parents were happy that they had got a fees relief not knowing that they had handed their children to a defiler. Instead of giving the children what was expected of a teacher, the convict took upon himself to rubbish them, causing injury and permanent trauma. Such should not be left in circulation of people’s sons if they are to be safe.

According to the judge, a teacher who smears government that the syllabus of the school includes lessons on kissing, just to cause the children to give into his sexual exploits calls for a sentence that will be deterrent to others who may have intentions of sexually exploiting minors.

“I sentence the convict on each and every count from 1-12 to imprisonment for the remainder of his natural life. These sentences to run concurrently,” Justice Wangutusi.

The judge said Mpagi has 14 days to challenge his decision in the Court of Appeal if he’s not satisfied.

Pastor sentenced to life imprisonment for sodomizing pupils in Uganda Pastor sentenced to life imprisonment for sodomizing pupils in Uganda

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