PDP zoning chairmanship to north, threat to democracy – CNG

PDP zoning chairmanship to north, threat to democracy – CNG

The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has criticized the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) for leaving the presidential ticket available to all zones in the country while zoning the National Chairmanship position to the north as illogical and dishonest.

Recall that the PDP’s National Executive Committee zoned the party’s National Chairmanship to the north during its meeting.

CNG’s spokesman, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, said in a statement released on Saturday in Kaduna that the party’s move is a conflicting threat to Nigeria’s democracy consolidation.

“It is inconsistent and misleading for the PDP NEC to allow the presidential ticket battle to all while limiting the national championship position to the north,” he remarked.

According to the organization, it is a misuse of the democratic process as well as contradictory, dishonest, supra vires, and antithetical to all political party traditions.

It was questioned why the PDP would rather exclude the entire Southern Nigerian region and deny them the ability to vote and be voted for in a free and fair process for the party’s highest position while allowing an open presidential ticket election.

The posture of the PDP, according to the organization, is a veiled attempt to deceive the north into eventually ceding the presidential slot, which must be refused by insisting on an inclusive process for all party members.

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CNG stated it is sad that the PDP has not learned from history’s lessons and is still determined on adopting arbitrary, undemocratic methods that are destructive to internal party democracy and could jeopardize the consolidation of democracy in the country, despite its humiliation in 2015.

CNG explained that as members of the group, they are insisting on the emergence of a purposeful, credible, capable, and result-oriented leadership that would be achieved through a free, fair and inclusive process and not by deceit, blackmail, threat, or grandstanding.

The group, therefore, reiterated its call for all the political parties to allow internal democratic processes to prevail in the selection of both party and elective positions freely and fairly without the need to disenfranchise any group of people or tribe for whatever intent and purpose.

The group insisted, “We, therefore, warm that any party that attempts to disenfranchise any group or section of the country stands to be roundly rejected by the north.”

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