Pennsylvania mall shooting leaves 6 people injured

Pennsylvania mall shooting leaves 6 people injured

According to WPVI, gunfire erupted inside a Pennsylvania mall on Sunday afternoon, injuring at least six people.

Before bullets were fired, several guys were involved in an incident inside Park City Center, according to Lancaster City Police. At least six people were hurt in the incident. Three men and a woman were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening gunshot wounds. While attempting to flee the mall, the other two sustained minor injuries.

Pennsylvania mall shooting leaves 6 people injured

Two individuals have been apprehended, according to Lancaster Online.

Hana Ali, co-owner of the mall’s Tabarek Al-Hana food store, told the outlet she witnessed a fight between a group of four males.

One of them brandished a gun, and threatened the other three.

Ali recounts witnessing the firearm being knocked from his grasp before someone else took custody of it and fired a shot.

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Ali claims to have heard five or six rounds fired and witnessed one individual being shot in the leg and shoulder. “Everything happened so quickly,” she claimed. “Because we were afraid, we hid behind my register.”

According to the York Daily Record, Anthony Colon, the manager on duty at Rue 21, which is five businesses distant from the incident, froze after hearing two gunshots. Colon then slammed the front gate shut and led the dozen individuals inside to a storeroom, where they gathered whatever they could find, such as hammers and screwdrivers, to use as a weapon.

The mall was closed for the remainder of the day, as an investigation into the shooting is already underway. It will reportedly reopen tomorrow.

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