If you want to be Nigeria's president, show your face - Sanusi on the 2023 election

If you want to be Nigeria’s president, show your face – Sanusi on the 2023 election

Lamido Sanusi, the former Emir of Kano, has advised people seeking to become President of Nigeria in 2023 to bare their faces now so that Nigerians can see them.

He said this while chastising lawmakers who were debating whether the presidency should be zoned to the North or the South.

Sanusi, speaking on Arise TV, lambasted politicians for being more concerned with presidential zoning than with how to establish a more fair and transparent electoral process that would allow the best president to emerge in the upcoming 2023 election.

“If you want to be President of Nigeria, whether you are from the North or the South, come out now and show us your face so we can choose.”

“There are constitutions in that globe that provide for a rotating president, but I have always objected to the notion that we should emphasis on the President’s origins.

“The Southern governors want the president to come from the South, just as the Northern governors want the president to come from the North, but have you noticed that no one has come out and named who they want?

“This entire zoning to the South and North is about moving ethnic and regional sentiment to one section of the country, and then the major masquerades behind it start to emerge.

This is why, at the end of the process, Nigeria is left with two equally useless candidates, and voters have no choice,” the former Emir explained.

Even if politicians agree on a rotating president, he says, the main point of dispute should be that a Southern Nigerian should not suffer because the President is from the North, and vice versa.

“The Igbos want the presidency, and if you go to Edo State, they want the presidency as well. When are we going to stop this? In the meantime, we have serious issues to deal with, such as electronic election transmission.

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“When you run for office in Nigeria, you’re up against more than just your opponent; you’re up against political thugs, partisan police officers, and the judges. Why are politicians focusing on where the leader should come from rather than how they might provide us with a more dependable, equitable, and transparent mechanism for selecting a decent leader?

Sanusi questioned, “Why is zoning the presidency so crucial to politicians and the most significant item to address at this juncture when you’re approaching an election?”

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