She's public water now, man file for divorce in Ibadan

She’s public water now, man file for divorce in Ibadan

Amos Akinlolu, a 64-year-old retired civil servant, has asked a Grade ‘A’ Customary Court in Ibadan to dissolve his nearly three-decade-old marriage.

Because she was a “unrepentant cheater,” the guy wants his estranged wife, Funmilayo’s marriage to be canceled.

Today, Akinlolu told the court that life had changed for him when he discovered his wife’s “infidelity.”

“My lord, since Funmilayo started making herself a public tap where all men get water, serenity has become a thing of the past in my home.”

“I can no longer endure sharing a home with an adulterous wife because she is a danger to me.

Akinlolu knelt down, sobbing, and said, “If this court refuses my prayer, I will commit suicide.”

Funmilayo, on the other hand, denied any wrongdoing and called her husband’s claim “baseless.”

“Akinlolu, my lord, has never caught a guy in bed with me.”

“He constantly accusing me of cheating, and that’s why the family hasn’t been at peace,” Funmilayo explained.

According to NAN, all five children agreed that the marriage should be dissolved in order to restore peace.

In the sake of peace and tranquility, the court’s President, Mrs Imoleayo Akinrodoye, dissolved the marriage.

Because of their ages, Akinrodoye granted the respondent custody of the final three children.

She also ordered Akinlolu to pay N30,000 to Funmilayo in order to rent a new residence.

The judge also ordered the petitioner to pay N10,000 as a “packing out” allowance to the respondent.

Akinrodoye ordered Akinlolu to pay each of the three children a monthly feeding allowance of N10,000.

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