State of emergency: We cannot yield to intimidation – Anambra lawmaker fume

State of emergency: We cannot yield to intimidation – Anambra lawmaker fume

Anambra State Lawmaker Chief Emeka Aforka, who represents Orumba North State Constituency, has urged high-ranking government officials to be careful what they say in public.

The call was made by Aforka, the Deputy Majority Leader, in an interview with The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Awka on Friday.

This comes after the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami (SAN), said “that the Federal Government may impose a state of emergency on Anambra if the fresh wave of violence continues during the State’s gubernatorial election on Nov. 6.”

He condemned the remark as undemocratic, capable of causing instability in the country, and completely unacceptable to him and his law-abiding constituents.

According to Aforka, the proclamation is not only a significant criticism of the government’s ability to handle the country’s security concerns, but also confirmation of security staff failure.

The proclamation, he said, has exposed President Muhammadu Buhari as the country’s Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, as well as the country’s Chief Security Officer in charge of the Nigeria Police Force, State Security Service, and Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps.

Aforka requested Malami to retract such undemocratic and unpatriotic utterances, which have embarrassed Nigerian citizens, particularly the Anambra people, in front of the international community.

He claimed that the remark validated the fears of certain Anambra residents that the current spate of killings in the state was the result of some politicians from outside the state working with their local supporters.

The announcements, according to Aforka, are a ruse to scare the Anambra voters away from voting in the governorship elections on Nov. 6, creating an environment conducive to voter apathy.

He stated that such a strategy would not succeed in the governorship race in Anambra or any other election in the state.

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“The Anambra electorate understands its political goals and will not be distracted by political diversions of any kind,” he stated.

“Because the declaration failed to deter Anambra residents from voting in the governorship election on Nov. 6, the threat of imposing emergency rule on the state is undemocratic.

“For a state that has deservedly earned the reputation of being Nigeria’s safest and most peaceful state for the past seven years, Anambra has not reported more than 15 deaths since the new scales of violence in the state.”

“Anambra has not recorded a fraction of casualties the nation has seen in places like Borno, Zamfara, Katsina, Benue, Plateau, Yobe, Niger, Adamawa, Taraba, amongst others, where terrorists have killed several thousands of civilians and attacked military formations”.

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