The Surrenderees of Boko Haram Repentants Between "Deradicalisation"

The Surrenderees of Boko Haram Repentants Between “Deradicalisation”


Almost All Meaningfully Concerned Persons disturbed by the Growing Rate of Insecurity in Nigeria, both Muslims and Christians, Northerners (especially the North-Easterners) have been Seriously “Home-Worked” Ever Since Battalions of Bõko Harām Fighters began to Surrender to the Authorities and Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria over the Last Couple of Weeks.

The Immediately Most Bewildering Question that Preoccupied the Minds of Stakeholders, the Peoples of the North-East, Northerners (Yan Arēwa), Nigerians as well as the International Community on the Eve of the First, Second and Third Badge of those that Surrendered till this Moment was and is;

“What Arrangement Can be done to Absorb these Insurgents whose Intention in why Surrendering at this Crucial Moment is not Yet Clarified; Should they Outrightly be Forgiven by the State. What Shall be the Fate of those Families whose Parents, Children and Loved Ones were Killed by these Monsters as far as Compensation or Retaliation is Concern?”

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Yes, these are Questions that the Federal Government, the Governments of Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, Bauchi, Gombe and Taraba States have to Find Immediate Answers to Immediately.

First before we try to Iron Out Matters and Dissecting them according to both _”Divine and Conventional Human Laws”,_ it becomes inevitably Necessary to Define what the “Ideology of Surrender” as Much as it Relates to Insurgents of Bõko Harām’s Magnanimity is Technically Concern.

“Surrender” as the Literal Meaning of this Unfortunate Word (in this Crucially Critical Moment) Connotes, Seeks to Translate the Simple Action of a Person or Group of Persons who “Give-Up” their Physical or Mental Fight against an Agreed established Polity or System which the Majority are in Favour of. Hence wherever Someone “Surrenders at Will”, the Surrendee Automatically Succumbs to a More Powerful Force which he Temporally “Can’t Continue to Contain”. Therefore those Surrendering Seem to have almost Admit Defeat in Principle even if they did not Suffered Woefully on the Battlefield.


Both before and After “9/11”, Saudi Arabia have Suffered Massively Uncountable Terror Attacks which Claimed hundreds of Thousands of Lives and destroyed Billions of Dollars worth of State and Individual Properties Precisely towards the Glorious Days of Late King Fahad.

Princes “Abdallah, Sultān and Nāyef” whose Hierarchical Designations were as of then, the “Crown Prince & Chairman of the National Guards”, the “Deputy Premier, Defence Minister” and “Minister of the Interior” Respectfully.

The Whole Most Tedious Assignment of Dealing with the Terrorists was Vested upon the Shoulders of the World’s Most Feared Man in the Person of Late _”Prince Nāyef Bin Abdul-Azīz”_ who happens to be in Control of the Entire State Apparatus which is the Heart of the Saudi Monarchy.

Prince Nāyef was In-Charge of the Police, the “Saudi State Security Service”, the Saudi International Intelligence Agency, the Police Force, the Military Police, Saudi Civil Defense Corps, Ministry of Hajj, The Highest Council of Ulamā, the Saudi Higher Education Commission, Ministries of Finance (alongside the Saudi Monetary Agency, the Central Bank), Telecommunications, Information and Culture, National Information Technology Institute, including the Immigration, Customs, Drug Enforcement and Civil Registration Departments, including the Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques of Makkah and Medinah, The World Muslim League (RABITA) & OIC including even the Nomination of Diplomatic and Ambassadorial Appointments; Now All these Unique Bodies that Formed the Backbone of the Saudi Government were in Powerfully Strong Hold of Late Prince Nāyef.

When Many Government Institutions were Bombed by Local Saudi Dissidents who were directly Answerable to the “Al-Qaeda Network”, Prince Nāyef was Tasked to Used All the available Means at his disposal to Quell Down the Dangerously Growing Movement. The Initial Surreptitious Approach taken by this Great Man was to establish a “University of Security and Strategic Studies” Named after him. These University brought about Security Experts, Historians, Human Rights Campaigners and Religious Scholars as Lecturers who directly Teach and gave Continues Advice to Government on how to Win the War on Terror.

With the establishment of “Prince Nāyef Security University” a lot have been achieved in terms of both “Closer & Distant Deradicalisation Processes”, thus the Teachings of the Terrorists through Various Methodologies including Remand Homes (Serving as Jails/Prisons) Visitations were Experts Meet Jailed Suspects with Terrorists Identifies who were on the State’s Watch-List, and in those Days Surrenderees were given all the Necessary Communication Medium to Communicate with their Saudi Citizens Partners and Friends who were Dissidents, Scattered across the Middle East to Give Up their “Terror Ideas and Ideals” with Convincing arguments. Sometimes the Saudi State uses their Parents (especially the Terrorists’ Mothers) to Speak to them Politely. The Mothers Sometimes Cry Badly on Phones and Recorded Voice Messages. In fact even the Beloved Sisters were Engaged in Such Heart Winning Conversations to Soften the Stone-Hearted Fighters.

These “Civilised Civilian Approaches” have aided the Saudi Monarchy a lot in Stamping Away the Menace of the Terrorists that had nearly took over the Country.

Government and Public Buildings in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Tā’if, Hā’il, Kubar including the Holy Cities of Makkah and Medinah were Bombed Living in All the Attacks Several Dead and destroying Unquantifiable Properties.

Alongside his Tireless Efforts, Prince Nāyef has Established a Highly Modern Deradicalisation Centres in Three Major Cities where these “Retired Fighters” were Manned and Managed on the Lofty Ways of their Integration Back to the Society they have Fought.


The Royal Court of the Saudi Monarchy as it Inherited from its Ancestors have had a “Special Unofficial Budget” where Billions of Dollars were Disbursed for the Purposes of Prayers Unto Allāh Ta’āla for Keeping the Country Secured from both Internal and External Forces.

There are Some Clerics Hardliners especially those “Salafiyyäh Adherents” who Mentally think Too Much of Everything “Bid’ah” were opposed to the Principle, but the Monarchy Believed in the Reality that “Charity” (Sadaqäh) by itself Suffices towards Subsiding and even Quenching the Wrath of the Almighty Allāh as a Result of Sins, Misdeeds and Vices of not only the Royal Family Members, but in fact Can very Much Yield Unbelievable Benefits to the Entire Populace of their Kingdom.

Amongst the Most Heavier Duties of the Financial Disbursement, the Royals’ Area of Concentration includes;


Hundreds of Thousands of Pilgrims from All Over the Muslim World were Annually Financed by the Monarchy Purely to Consummate their “Hajj and Umrah Rituals” whereupon were Requested to Hold Special Prayers to Allāh for the Preservation of the Kingdom and its Leadership,


Over So Many Years, Saudi Arabia (as Many of the Gulf States including Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain have equally Followed Suit) have been Building Schools, Mosques and Uncountable Charitable Activities across Africa, Asia, Europe and even America in other to Incur the Solemn Prayers of the Muslim Ummah Upon itself.


Yes, it was on Record that No where across the Muslim World where Rulers have Folded their Arms and Relaxed without Engaging Certain “Pious Scholars” for Keeping them in Special Prayers for Personal Protection and as well as to the Kingdoms they Govern. Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, Sudan, Niger, Mauritania including India and Pakistan, all were Countries where the Concentration of these Pious Muslims are, and for Sure Saudi Millions of Dollars Used to arrive into those Countries Yearly. And Amazingly Interesting, the Wishes to which Such Prayers were Made have often Yielded Positively and have Paid the Price Beautifully.


The Conventional Status adopted by the International Community on _”Surrendered Terrorists”_ though Much More Complex than the Style in the Treatment of “Prisoners of War” (POWs) and the “Surrendering Army” of Real Military Combatants, yet the Law isn’t Much Different.

The United Nations and Other World Bodies have Agreements over the Charter on State, Inter-Regional, Intercontinental and International Terrorism to which were very Clear on how to deal with “Surrendered Terrorists” as Contained in their Protocols and Provisions. For instance, the “United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes” (UNODC), the EU Parliament, the Arab League, African Union, even the ECOWAS, the ASEAN Council and Many of these Groups.

In a Highly Well Documented Article, the Cambridge University Press Published an Article Under the Heading, “The Rule of Surrender in International Humanitarian Law” (21st February 2018) started;

“Under International Humanitarian Law it is Prohibited to make the object of attack a Person who has surrendered”.

The “International Law on Surrendering of Armed Fighters” Equally Sums Up Questions upon which Truly “Surrenderees” Should be Treated. The Charters Cautioned;

“More Specifically, Questions arise as to the type of Conduct that Signals an intention to surrender. For example, is the waving of a White Flag indicative of Surrender? Is Retreat tantamount to Surrender? Another important Question is whether Combatants are required to offer vanquished Forces the opportunity to surrender before direct targeting can commence? Also, Must all offers of surrender be accepted or are there Circumstances in which an offer of surrender may Permissibly be refused?”

That’s the Rightful Mentality of the International Community as far as the Principles in Handling the Surrendees was Published and Projected.


The Islāmic Sharī’ah Law Stipulates almost Same Criteria obtained in All International Charters regarding Surrendering Army Combatants for Well over _”14 Hundred Years”._

The Holy Qur’ān alongside the Sunnäh of Rasūlilläh (SAW), being the Two Sources of “Mohammadan Laws” were very Explicit over this Sensitive Issue which Inevitably Featured in the Lives of Hundreds from Time Immemorial to the Present Day. For Sure War is definite to Erupt amidst Peaceful Co-existence amongst Diverse Societies for Several Factors and Reasons which often Causes Armed Conflicts.

In the essence of establishing this Universal Law, the Omnipotent Creator of the Worlds categorically declares;

Verily the Pernicious Penalty Upon those who Waged War against Allāh and His Messenger and then Caused Mischief on the Land (against Peaceful People) is either Killing them, or Hanging them, or Chopping their Hands and Legs in Opposite Sides, or being Vanished from the Land (in Permanent Exile); Nay this is the Degradation they Shall be Subjected to in this World, and on the Day of Judgement will be Casted to a Grievous Torment;

But those who Repented before You Apprehend them; Behold Allāh is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Now, the Stipulated Capital Punishment Upon those who Caused Mischief on the Land (in other Words the Terrorists in this Context) has Clearly Exonerated them Once they “Give Up” the Fight, Surrendering themselves and Submitting in Penitence to the State Authorities whom they are Fighting.


During the Power Tussle between “Sayyidinā Ali Ibn Abī Tālib (RTA) and Mu’āwiyyäh Ibn Abī Sufyān”, a Man named “Hārithā Ibn Badr”, a Notorious Dissident who Fought against Sayyidinā Ali amongst Mu’āwiyyäh’s Army was Responsible in the Massacre of Hundreds of Imām Ali’s Forces.

With Time Hārithä felt Guilty for his Wrong Actions and decided to Repent.

According to “Imām Al-Sha’bïy” who recounts that Hārithä Went to See Sayyidinā Hussain to Secure his Life and Guarantee him Soft Landing from his Father, Sayyidinā Ali but Al-Hussain refused. He thus Contacted “Ibn Ja’afar” who also declined, he thereupon decided Meeting “Sa’īd Ibn Qāis Al-Hamdānïy”, one of the Nobles Men from the “Al-Hamdān Clan” who accepted to Plea to Sayyidinā Ali on his behalf.

After the Fourth Khalīfah of Islām, Imām Ali finishes his Afternoon Prayers, Ibn Qāis entered into the Court of the Khalīfah and Said;

“Oh the Commander of the Believers, what is the Penalty of those who Waged War against Allāh and His Messenger?”

The Pious Imām thus replied;

“Either Killing them, or Hanging them, or Chopping their Hands and Legs on Opposite Sides, or being Vanished from the Land (in Permanent Exile);”

Imām Ali then Completed the Āyäh (Verse) and Recited;

But those who Repented before You Apprehend them; Behold Allāh is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful

He (Ibn Qāis) then asked;

“Oh Commander of the Believers, even if its Hārithä Ibn Badr?”

Imām Ali (RTA) said;

“Of Course Oh Ibn Qāis, even if its Hārithä Ibn Badr, because that’s Allāh’s Ordinance against My Will, whether I like it or Not”.

Then Ibn Qāis Said;

“Oh Commander of the Believers, here is Hārithä Ibn Badr, he Came to You in Repentance to Allāh; Is he now Secured and Free”?

Imām Replied;

“Of Course he is Secured, Free and Forgiven”.

Immediately on that Very Spot, the Great Imām Wrote an Official Gazette Guaranteeing the Security of Hārithä Ibn Badr from any State Charges.

Now, this is the Position of Islām as far as the Case of all Surrenderees is Concern. However, there are Various Interpretations of the Divine Texts in Case of Families and Blood Relations of those who Refuse to Accord Pardoning to those Surrenderees (Terrorists) who have either Kill, Slaughter, Behead or Rape their Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughters. According to Some Powerful Views of the Fuqahā (Jurists), they Maintained that without Surety, “Compensation” “Must be” Offered otherwise the State’s (Ruler’s) Discretion in Settling the Disputing Condition Must be Justified.

Many Great Muslim Jurists amongst whom were Imāms Ikramäh, Al-Hassan Al-Basarïy that the Ordinance in the Verse Pertinently Relates to “Non Muslims” especially “Pagans” who have Waged War against the Institutions Mentioned, thus the Āyäh (Verse) doesn’t have anything to do with a “Muslim” who Kills Persons, either his Fellow Muslims or Non-Muslims under an Islāmic State. In that Case he Must be Put to a Penalty Equal in Weight to his Crime or its Equivalent based Upon the Ruling of the Ruler.


As far as the Foregone Conclusions are Concerned, we Consider it Necessary to Advise the Federal Government on the Best Ways Out of this Quagmire Trying to Destroy Our Nationhood. We however Consider the Following Observations to be Significantly Worthy that Our Beloved Government Implements them Immediately;

[1] Establishing Federal University of Security & Strategic Studies

– The Aim of this Centre is to Educate and Train Several Influential Individuals of the Society, Commencing with Principals of Secondary Schools (why because that were the Insurgents are Caught Young, as Per the Saying, _”Catch them Young”),_ their Deputies, Senior University Lecturers, Ward & Village Heads, including even Emirs & Chiefs including Tsangaya Gonis (Teachers) at Qur’ānic Centres.

– Conducting Researches into Contemporary Security Challenges Affecting the Nation and Ways to Counter them,

– Accord Refresher Courses to Our Law Enforcement Officers (The Police, Customs, Immigration Together with the Armed Forces on Current Affairs regarding Security Developments) and the Strategic Measures to Smoothly Carry on with their Jobs,

– Utility of Security Researches Documented to be Shared and Used by Regional and International Partners in Countering the Insecurities across Our Borders,

– Collaboration with World Centres for Security and Strategic Studies and Exchange of Information and Techniques in Handling Terrorist Related Crimes


Learning and Coping from the Saudi Government Experience in how they Quelled Almost All Forms of Terrorism across its Borders. Both the States and Federal Governments Must Disburse Heavy Amounts of Money into the Prayers Ventures.

No Way for Nigeria as a Religious Nation to ever Disregard its “Hundreds of Years” of the Practice by Our Traditional Institutions in Keeping the Security of their States Intact. In fact in almost All the Kingdoms and Empires that Flourished in the Sub-Saharan Region, the Practice was very Much in Force till the Colonialists Broke the Influence the Kingdoms have, Subduing and Reducing them to Mere Historical Souvenirs for Sightseers as if they were Just Tourists Attraction Centres with None Functional Engagement on the Very Society they have a Hand in its Establishment.


Few Weeks ago the Kaduna State Governor, “Mall. Nāsiru El-Rufā’i” was Reported to have Voiced his Fear for the Nigerian State Turning into a Replica of “Tālibān’s Afghanistan” under the Several Forces of Insecurity Trying to Usurp Powers against the Machinery of Governance within the Federalism of Nigeria.

El-Rufā’i Made though very Much Concern has Technically Made a “Wrong Calculation” because there is No Way and Reason for Comparison of the Two Camps, Afghanistan’s Tālibān on Hand and the Whole Groups Fighting the Sovereignty of the Nigerian State on the other – The Bõko Harām Insurgents, Armed Banditry, IPOB Separatists, Kidnappings Gangsters, Secret Cultists Organisations, Hired Assassins Cartels, All Put Together are Incompatible to the Causes both were Fighting Upon.

Tālibān Fighters who Toppled the American Backed Government of Dr. Ashraf Gāni were Fighting on a “Just Cause”, while All those Groups who Took Arms against the Federation of Nigeria were on _”False Causes”._ If the Former has Won the Throne of the Sit of Government, the Latter would “Never Win” a Single State of Nigeria by God’s Grace.

But as we Pointed out in Our Recent Article Depicting the Incompatibility of the Tālibān with Bõko Harām (which Many Seem to See it as a Rejoinder to El-Rufā’i’s Statement), of Course “In Every Cloud there is a Silver Lining” as far as What El-Rufā’i lamented over.

No doubt the “Relocation of Bõko Harām Insurgents” from the North-East into the Thick Thickets and Forests of the North-Central and North-West Can Send Serious Signals to whosoever is in Position of Authority because any Slightest Insecurity is Something that wouldn’t be Comfortable to any Authority.

El-Rufā’i’s Fear was Translated on the Wrong People. Why? Because nobody Seems to Understand the Ambiguous Secret in an Old Statement Made by the Then Dreading General, “President Muhammadu Buhāri” who Declared an Angelic Guarded and Guided Remarks, that;

If We Don’t Kill Corruption, Corruption will Kill Us.

Yes without an Aorta of Doubt Corruption is about to Kill Nigeria when Nigerians especially in Northern Nigeria (Arēwa) is Right at the Point of Stepping into that Era.


The Almājiranci Model (thus the Tsangaya System) is under Fear from Several Northern States Governments especially with the “Bitter Bill” Governor El-Rufā’i Passed into Law of Banning the System under the Guise of Fighting “Juvenile Delinquency, Immigration Hazards, Immorality, Child Abuse and Economic Decadence”_ which Proved to be a Total Miscalculation against his own Government and the Blessed People of Kaduna State in General.

The “Almājiri System” in Northern Nigeria Cannot Continue to Watch “Politicians and Public Officials” Squandering Millions and Billions of Public Funds to the System’s Detrimental Existence while Ignorant and Unenlighten Governments of the Northern States are Trying to Obliterate, Destroy and Trash away the Thousand Years Old Qur’ānic Educational System to Extinction while the Highly Placed Most Fewest Nigerians are Celebrating with “Clean Cash Dollars” not even at their Weddings and Birthdays, but in fact at the Funerals and Burials of their Families Members and Friends. The Christians amongst them Recourse to Lavish Burial Procession with a 100 Million Naira Casket, Dinner and Wine, while the Muslims Slaughter Huge amounts of Cows, Rams and Hens in So-called “Sadaka” to the Passing Soul of those they have Never Helped in their Lifetimes amongst Friends, Relatives and even Family Members.


With the Serious Scores of Unprecedented, Unpredictable and Unexpected Events Unfolding in Our National Lives, thus Ravaging our Must Precious Security of Lives and Properties which the Nation has been enjoying Since the End of the “Civil War” which Our Ignorant Igbo Brethren Ignited and which had Consumed them Worse than the Region they Planned to Subdue. Indeed the Current War of Inconsistent Insecurities is Worse in Magnitude than the Civil War Nigeria had Fought and Won. No doubt the Civil War was Bitter, but the Bitterness in Fighting an Unknown Enemy is Keeping the Present Government at the Receiving End.

With the Heavily Awaited “Electioneering Year of 2023” Pass Approaching, if this Incumbent Government didn’t Wake Up from the Deepening and Deepest Slumber which its Sycophants have Lured it to, for Sure “Someone” would Emerge to Preach to Almājiris an Emotional Challenge against the Corrupt Practices of Public Officers whose Overt Behaviours Seem to Express an “I don’t Care Attitude towards the Almājiri System”.

And any Slightest Opportunity Someone will Use in Supporting, Sponsoring and Supplying the Almājiri System with Weapons, for instance (God Forbids), for Sure their Fight against the State will No Doubt become a “Just Cause” as exactly as the Afghan Tālibān who Ousted a Sitting Democratic Government.

For Sure the Ball is in the Court of Our Federal and State Governments to “Think Deeper” into how “Corruption” will be Stamped Out in Our Polity before it’s too Late because for Sure when the Almājiri System will be Mobilise against the State None of those Occupying Millions and even Billions of Naira Mansions in Abuja, Kaduna, Kano and the GRAs of Towns and Cities of Northern Nigeria will ever Escape it including their Weaker Wives and Children.

Thus Arising Insecurities Usual Comes from “Completely Unexpected Quarters”, thus Translating the True Meaning of the Famous Hausa Adage, Ana Tsammānin Wuta a Makēra, Sai gata Tāshi a Masāqa.


“All of a Sudden”, or “Out of the Blues, the Worst has happened from Unexpected Angle”.

That’s the Actual Reality Upon the Carelessly Callous Behaviours of Our Officers in Governments in their Mannerism of Mismanagement of Public Funds to the Perils of Millions and Millions of their Fellow Countrymen and Women.

Nigeria by “2023” will be Precisely “63 Years Old”, an Age Very Unique to the “Muslim World” by Virtue of its Symbolizing the Actual Age of the Noblest of Men, The “Holy Prophet Muhammad” (Peace and Blessings of Allāh be Upon Him) who Perfectly Completed His Divine Assignment of Prophethood at that Chosen and Specially Prepared Age.

And by Attaining to that Glorious Age of “63”, Nigeria Shall Either be a Nation above Nations, or a Nation Below Nations, for there is No Way, a Human Being, a Country or a Society that Shall be that Old by Attaining to that Unique Age without having Achieved Something in Life.

“If a Foolish Human at Forty is deemed as a Fool Forever”, then For Sure a “Failed Nation at Sixty-Plus Typifies a Declined & a Fallen Nation Forever”.

May Allāh Ta’āla Salvage Nigeria; Long Live the Blessed and Beautiful Peoples of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to Continue to Dwell in Peace, Unity, Prosperity and Progress as a Single Sovereignty – Happy Birthday Nigeria

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