Zamani Foundation's Guest Lecturer list over 15 problems of Nigeria

Zamani Foundation’s Guest Lecturer list over 15 problems of Nigeria

..Say’s bringing Fulanis from all over African countries to Nigeria as indigenes unacceptable, iniquities

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A Lecturer with Department of Defense and Security Studies, Nigeria Defense Academy (NDA) kaduna, Prof I O Mbachu has itemised number problems facing Nigeria as a county.
Prof I O Mbachu handed down the lists of Nigeria’s problems in a lecture at Zamani Foundation Conference titled: Past, Present and Future Destiny Of A Nation”, held at the foundation centre, kaduna.

According to him, bringing Fulanis from all over West and African countries to Nigeria to become indigenes with all of them carrying AK47 is unacceptable, iniquities and a big problem to the country.

He also frown against the the notion of Children of the riches and political leaders attending schools in broad even when the one of ordinary Nigerians could not find school at home, a nation declared as Poverty capital of the world.

Prof I O Mbachu also lamented the high rate of unemployment among the youths, describing it as a problem, as well as the Porous borders of the country.

Other problems of Nigeria enlisted by NDA Dom includes weak systems, citing example of justice system, lost of socio-cultural communal value system.
He also blamed the problems of Nigeria on the attituute of Pastors and Imams fond of given their blessings to anyone who has money irrespective of how they made their money.

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Proliferations of small and live weapons, Asymmetric warfare. Corruption and National security, ethno-religious crises, national integration, ungoverned territory and national security, Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, Drugs trafficking and national security. Farmers -herders Conflicts, are also listed.

Earlier, the Founder/President and CEO of the Center and Convener of the 3days event, Amb Talatu Henry, expressed delight and pleasure for conference with a theme: The Destiny of a Nation”.

Amb. Henry who described the conference as timely and relevant, looking at the current situation in the world today, said “We are undergoing major challenges ranging from the high rate of injustice, insecurity, religious intolerance, discrimination, nepotism, killing of innocent citizens, economic woes, disruption of school calendar, kidnapping in schools, unemployment and poverty.
“The other hovers around globalisation and information technology which are essential for human progress but have now become a tool for division among others”, she said.

She also said “When the destiny of a nation is not known, abuse is inevitable, in this regard I mean when leaders don’t have a clear picture of where the nation is headed, incompetency and corruption is inevitable.

She added that “For sustainable peace and development to become a reality in Nigeria, there must be substantive participation of the citizens, which would adopt an integrated approach for participation to become a reality with human rights at the centre of the processes.

“This integrated approach warranted the need for the Nation builders’ yearly training and now the Conference on the destiny of a nation with a focus on Nigeria: History, current realities, and opportunities to be a global super power.
According y her the destiny of a Nation Conference is designed to provide information on globalisation, on the history of the world, Nigeria with practical knowledge to the citizens, looking at our potentials and the need to tap into our resources as a nation, the urgent need for us to look past our differences, come together and unite as one, harnessing tapping into our strengths, in becoming the superpower.

“This conference will birth nation-building strategies and independent think tank that focus on good governance and societal development.
“It is important for policy makers to work in collaboration with ZF to make this a reality.

Dignitaries present at the event includes representatives of
the Commandant, MAIPLC, Major General AJ Fagge, other Senior officers both serving and retired, Professors,
Religious and Traditional Rulers, Security among others.

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