Former South Korean military ruler Chun Do Hwan has died

Former South Korean President Chun Do Hwan, 90, has been confirmed dead by an aide.

Chun breathed his last at his home in Seoul on Tuesday morning local time. He seized power in a coup four decades ago. News Reuters.

During the six-year rule of Chun, who came to power through a coup d’etat in 1979, there have been massive protests by pro-democracy activists.

He was later convicted in 1980 of a massacre carried out by the army in Guangzhou.

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Although the court sentenced him to death, his sentence was reduced in the High Court. The massacre in Guangzhou is believed to have killed more than a thousand students.

Lime died a month after the death of Roh Tae-ur, another former South Korean president. Roh was Chun’s ally in the 1969 coup.

At the trial in the mid-1990s, Chun defended his actions, saying he had to choose a coup to save the country from a political crisis.

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