Killings and Kidnappings: Two pervading daily routines dunking the Northern Nigeria

By Mukhtar Garba Kobi

The more a country invested into its security, the lower the level of crimes it may have; still if the huge amount is set for its security are not been channeled and used judiciously, the insecurity might hit that country and overpower its forces.

This is similar to what has been happening in Nigeria; huge amounts are set annually to tackle internal or external security threats but end-up protecting leaders instead general public. It is hardly to read newspapers or surf online without coming across news about kidnappings and heartless massacres of innocent people.

Bandits are now seeing themselves as authorities, recently they imposed levies in some communities in Sokoto and Katsina for people to be free from their attacks and government was silent about that and no measures taken on remote communities

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Agriculture has been the sole means ordinary citizens relied on for survival, even going to farm nowadays is risky as many farmers were killed, women workers in farms were raped; that may result to acute malnutrition due to low harvest in future.

Spate of killings and kidnappings in Nigeria spreads like wildfire is callous and disturbing. One of the biggest barbaric acts by bandits was when over 42 travelers were burnt to ashes in Sokoto State and the top leaders who supposed to be there to condole victims’ families or give order to prevent future occurrence moved to Lagos State in the same day for a book launch.

Leaders and their loved ones are living in comfort with tight securities while the general publics are left to the mercy of bandits.

Sadly, some roads are like death paths; that is why many have embraced businesses in their cities than to travel out no matter the benefit they might get. Academic activities especially in schools are been done in fear of uncertainties, kidnappers could attack at any moment and get away with both teachers and students.

Malevolent activities of bandits has led to the closure of several schools, parents in rural communities that were forced to enroll their children into schools have now gotten excuse; spread of lawlessness in Nigeria was due to negligence and passiveness by authorities concerned.

Despite the order given by the President to shoot any civilian seen with AK47, hence a repented kidnapper Auwal Daudawa once says buying guns in the country’s north was now like ‘buying bread’.

Bombardments to bandits’ camps in mineral-rich Zamfara State, series of such attack was done without installing infantry soldiers at escape routes; they (bandits) fled to other States and now igniting chaos.

Lack of patriotism and economic hardships has made many risk their lives by supplying commodities like food, fuel to kidnappers, acting as informants, hiding injured kidnappers.

Security was politicized; there are egoistic security agents, politicians and influentials that are benefitting from the huge amounts set for security; they would never let the country enjoy peace. Some parents are good in giving birth but carefree when it comes to providing essentials, such grownup children made them easily influenced into kidnappings.

Nigeria is blessed with good leaders, but people surrounding them are mostly selfish, thereby pushing advises that favor their interests.

Security experts should be given chance to workout modalities that could bring an end to the lingering insecurities bedeviling Nigeria. Public office holders need to select their personal assistants or advisers based on good remarks from majority of people, investigation must be done because there are people in human bodies with obnoxious hearts.

Prices of food commodities should be nationally fix so that hunger would not be pushing citizens into banditry, programmes for poverty eradication should be expanded in order to cover more families.

Government should not be increasing tariffs for electricity, water bills, etc, that would make citizens more patriotic and shun all sorts of criminalities. Lets collaborate to make North and entire Nigeria peaceful!!

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