The Nigerian Failed Governance

By Shamsuddeen Suleiman Malami

Its generally believed that since from the colonial era till date the North is the heart of Nigeria. If we look at the country’s administration, most of our leaders are Northerners.

The north has been the place were people came to seek knowledge. People from the south, west, east and other part of Africa believe that the north is a land of learned individuals. We were once acknowledged as the land of Peace. We are top in Farming and other economic activities.

Looking at the present situation of the North, we can conclude that the North is falling apart gradually. The North that was known for education, peace and also trust is no longer what it used to be. We are tarnishing the image of the North. We are inserting fear and doubt to outsiders due to the current situation.

Brutal killings of innocent citizens have been occurring in the country without any proactive measures to curtail these insecurities. Our soldiers are always ready to battle these terrorists but before that they must be given the command by their superiors . People are been kidnapped, murdered, raped on daily basis most especially in states like Sokoto, Zamfara and Katsina where the terrorists dominate the key areas within the state. That is the reason why the citizens flee their homes to find a safe haven.

In 2020, Nigeria was ranked as the 3rd nation faced with terrorism in the world and the first 1st in Africa.

Why our beloved country?, this is very disheartening.

And still this menace takes place in various states that were not victims before. For God sake, if these menace continues, then our beloved country will be in grave danger.

Our leaders that always solicit for our votes during elections are no were to be found. You are in power now and the people of Nigerian have done their part by voting for you and now it’s your turn to make them feel at secure. The innocent citizens are always the victims of these attacks.

The Country is moving backwards in terms of economy and security. Citizens are faced with hardship. Peoples safety first before any things.
Not just because I’m from the North, but i can testify that they are going through hardship. The most scary part of this incident is the killing of the poor and innocent citizens who struggle to enjoy life. And we know, the government knows that, those people are the ones who struggle and sacrifice their money, time and their energy to make sure you are in Power, Why? Because they believe that you can boost the economy, restore peace and make their lives much more better for the citizens of Nigeria. I could remember what happened during the previous government where people witness bomb last and bandits everywhere. At that time, everyone was insulting the government and they requested for change, even you Mr President ask the previous government to resign if it can not restore Peace in the country.

Where is our Religious leaders who labelled the previous government a “useless government”, a government that doesn’t value the lives of citizens, where are you now? I hope you are all watching the person you lured your followers to vote for? Recently the killings in the north is alarming, the bandits are feeling comfortable with the way they kill people. Even in films we usually see a large number of killers running and hiding their self. But in the north we see killings, we see how they kill and get away with it Peacefully.
Majority of this are happening in the hometown of our Mr. President and near by state’s.

Ohhh My Country, who are we voting next for the development of this country?
how can we know the qualified, talented, Decent person for our country?.
How can we know who will show his affection, care and protect our homeland.
Lets be wise and wiser again.
Lets think deep and deeply again.

The Government are the protectors of the masses. Non of the office holders deserve any credit or award as far as terrorism is concerned. No investor will invest in a country in which peace and stability is not guaranteed. #secureNigeria If these acts continues then the North will continue bleeding.

The government should be proactive rather than reactive as they will be accounted for in the hereafter. The citizens chose their leaders because they believed and had fate in them so the leaders should fulfil their own part of the bargain by protecting the lives and properties of citizens.

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