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Naira Marley’s Instagram Verse vs. “Abracadabra” – Which Do You Think Is More Dope?


Naira Marley has proven himself to be more than just a GOAT when it comes to featured, but also the street king over the years.

Making himself the only highlight of any track on which he appears.

As an entertainer, featuring Naira Marley is like signing off your music for him to take ownership of, because listeners will never want to hear your own verse on the song but his alone again and over again.

It’s apparent that Naira Marley’s rhymes on “Instagram” and “Abracadabra” have had a big impact on the Nigerian music scene.

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But which verse do people think is the best? It’s a question that’s stirred discussion among music fans and critics alike.

On the one hand, “Instagram” debuted in 2019 and instantly garnered traction due to its catchy chorus and Naira Marley’s distinct flow.

The lyrics of the song are about social media and the pressure people feel to present a perfect picture online.

Naira Marley’s verse on “Instagram” is chock-full of witty, Raw, bawdy wordplay and punchlines that demonstrate his ability to create accessible content.

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See the video below:

“Abracadabra,” on the other hand, was published in 2022 and has become a fan favorite due to its frenetic beat and Naira Marley’s confident delivery.

“Are you Abi Kin Pe Rexxie?” A lyric that has even gotten Wizkid tweeting and declaring his admiration for Naira Marley’s stanza.

His stanza on “Abracadabra” is jam-packed with boastful verses and brilliant metaphors that highlight his poetic prowess.

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See the song below:-

Both songs are undoubtedly successful and have their own unique strengths and appeal. Naira Marley’s verse on “Instagram” has a relatable, easy-going feel, while his verse on “Abracadabra” is boastful and energetic.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Some fans may prefer the more laid-back vibe of “Instagram”, while others may prefer the high-energy, boastful tone of “Abracadabra”.

So Guys, Between Naira Marley’s Verse On “Instagram” Vs “Abracadabra” 👇


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