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“If You Disrespect My Husband, I Will Come for You,” he says. Anita Joseph Warns’s Colleagues


Anita Joseph, a Nollywood actress, has issued a warning to her social media followers and colleagues in the entertainment industry.

She stated that she will come after anyone who disrespects her husband, Michael Olagunju, also known as MC Fish.

Anita is married to MC Fish, her younger lover. Their age difference has sparked numerous online debates.

In response, the actress shared a lovely photo of herself and her husband. She stated in the caption that she will come after anyone who disrespects her husband.

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In her own words,

“If you disrespect my husband I will come for you Shallom !!”.

In other news, Anita Joseph, an actress, has revealed what keeps her marriage strong despite the criticism she has received for marrying a younger man.

She stated that when her husband is speaking, she remains silent and does not respond, especially when he is angry.

In her own words,

“Whenever a colleague’s marriage fails, these online trolls will confront me. One recently told me that it is still me. However, I feel sorry for those who are dragging me because they are providing me with more opportunities to post romantic moments with my husband on social media.

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They will never, ever stop me from posting my happy moments. Celebrity marriage is difficult; we face a lot of pressure, but you must be tenacious and insist that yours works.

Again, I knew what I wanted before marrying, and what my mother taught me about marriage is still with me. She taught me to always listen to my husband and not to respond, especially during arguments. Two captains cannot coexist on the same ship. It’s not that you can’t say your piece, but there are times when you should step back and let him speak for himself.

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These things are not easy, but in order for two to work together, you must agree.”


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