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The Department of State Services (DSS) confirms a plot by some influential political figures to impose an interim government on Nigeria (DSS).


On Wednesday, Dr. Peter Afunanya, spokesman for the Department of State Security, said that some people had considered options, including imposing an interim government after obtaining frivolous court injunctions to prevent the inauguration of new executive administrations and legislative houses at the Federal and State levels. President-elect Bola Tinubu is scheduled to be inaugurated on May 29.

According to Afunanya, such individuals were also thinking about funding protracted, violent mass demonstrations in important cities to support the proclamation of a State of Emergency.

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The plot being pursued by these powerful interests is seen by the Service as both an anomaly and a cunning move.

to disregard the constitution, torpedo civil authority, and to throw the nation into a preventable crisis.”

“To the peace-loving Nigerians, the illegality is totally unacceptable in a democracy. This is made even more apparent by the fact that the scheme is being carried out after the elections were held peacefully in the majority of the nation.

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The DSS promised to make a concerted effort in this direction and stated that it supports a smooth handover.

As a result, the Service strongly cautions those organizing to undermine democracy in the nation to abandon their cunning plans and orchestrations.

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“Stakeholders, particularly the judicial system, the media, and the civil society, are urged to exercise caution and watchfulness to prevent being used as tools to undermine the nation’s peace and stability.

While its monitoring continues, the DSS will not hesitate to take decisive and necessary legal steps against these misguided elements to frustrate their obnoxious intentions,” the Service said.im Govt, Stops Tinubu’s Inauguration


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