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The Labour Party asserts that the audio recording of Peter Obi and Bishop Oyedepo is a fake.


Because the APC had previously vowed that the Labour Party (LP) would face media attacks, the LP has claimed that the APC doctored the leaked audio of its presidential candidate Peter Obi and well-known cleric Bishop David Oyedepo.

Recall that on Saturday, an audio that appeared to be Obi and Oyedepo went viral, with the LP candidate allegedly referring to the recently concluded presidential election as a religious conflict.

Meanwhile, the Obi-Datti Media Office claimed that the APC was responsible for the audio and propaganda to damage Obi’s reputation through its spokesperson, Diran Onifade.

Farouk Umar, the national secretary of the LP, however, said during an interview on Arise Television on

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alleged on Sunday that the Peter Obi, the APC’s presidential candidate, was afraid of the political movement it represented.

Umar reiterated that the APC had misrepresented the leaked phone conversation in order to portray Obi in a negative religious light.

“When you alter an information’s original content, that information becomes fake,” he declared.

“We have come to the conclusion that the audio is entirely fake, says the researcher.

“We have it on record that APC spokespersons have dared the Obidient that we will see media attacks,” the spokesperson said.

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The secretary added that Peter Obi was the target of a campaign of blackmail by the APC and other opposition parties.

The power of Nigerians to have good governance, he claimed, was underestimated by the opposition.

The Obidient movement, everyone.

“They first became aware that there is a problem while the voting for the (presidential election) was taking place, before realizing that something is about to happen, that the wind, the movement, is actually coming to consume them.

Therefore, having cast their votes and having manipulated the results, which we are still contesting in court, they are left with no choice but to begin blaming and accusing Peter Obi, bringing up division and religion, and blackmailing him.

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“Obi is a movement, and he is inciting fear among the ruling elite; they never imagined it would turn out that way, they had no idea that Nigerians are so desperate for change, the story has already been written,” changed, things are not going to continue the way they think it should be, Nigerians will never feel as if they are refugees in their own land.”


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