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Man Tells Court “How My Wife Is Making My Life Miserable”


Man seeking divorce Abiodun Akinyemi has made his case in court.
He requested that his 18-year marriage to his estranged wife, Christina, be annulled by a Mapo Grade “A” Customary Court in Ibadan because she is miserable.

Akinyemi, a resident of Olodo, testified in court, saying, “I was forced to take refuge in my church when I could no longer bear the misery.

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“My Lord, the past 18 years since I wed Christiana have not been easy for me. In fact, she frequently visits my workplace to harass me and cause mayhem.

“I left home to remain in the church to prevent bloodshed, but Christiana continued to bother and challenge me.

Even worse, Christiana is actively attempting to kill me, and I have lost interest in her.

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Akinyemi pleaded with the judge, “Please give me custody of my four kids and order her out of my house.”

Christiana’s response was that her husband was blatantly irresponsible.

The plaintiff, a caterer, claimed: “My husband told me that his pastor told him that I’ve been the cause of his miseries and problems.

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In addition, he hasn’t been covering the kids’ tuition. In addition, Akinyemi had been unavailable for a while, and the kids needed something, so I went to his office.

The couple’s testimony was heard by the court’s president, Mrs. S.M. Akintayo, who gave the plaintiff advice.

and the respondent to maintain peace and order while she adjourned the suit until Aug. 3 for judgment.


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