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Even Peter Obi will regret not voting for Tinubu given how he will improve Nigeria.


During his campaign, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu pledged to start off strong in office, and as soon as he was sworn in, he actually delivered on that promise.
Yes, many Nigerians believed that Peter Obi was going to save them all from the disasters that our former president Muhammadu Buhari had brought on. I won’t lie!

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After the election, we all yelled that Bola Tinubu and the APC had stolen millions of people’s votes and that Peter Obi had been defrauded.

In fact, a large portion of Nigerians think Buhari’s administration won’t change under Tinubu.

But based on the appearance of things, it appears that things are changing for the better, and everyone is already starting to have hope in Tinubu’s administration.

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It is obvious that Tinubu wants the best for Nigerians based on his remarks about the removal of fuel subsidies during his inauguration speech and the way that oil markets and filling stations are contributing to artificial fuel scarcity.

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Some even claimed that Tinubu would serve as the poor people’s president and put an end to the practice of the wealthy enjoying themselves at the expense of the poor.

Anyway, I came across a tweet from Makinde Azeez, that really caught my eye. I thought I’d share it with you all and get your feedback


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