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Attackers Shoot at Gov. Yahaya Bello’s Convoy, Injuring Security Personnel



According to the Kogi Government, gunmen attacked Governor Yahaya Bello’s motorcade on Saturday along the Abuja-Lokoja expressway.
The incident allegedly happened a few kilometers from Lokoja, the state capital, close to a naval base.

Mr. Kingsley Fanwo, the Kogi Commissioner for Information, revealed the information in a statement in Lokoja.

The Social Democratic Party (SDP), an opposing political party in the state, was allegedly the source of the shooters, according to Fanwo.

According to the commissioner, several persons were hurt during the event, including security guards, and were transported to the hospital for treatment.

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After spotting Bello’s convoy approaching, the gunmen—who are believed to be political thugs from the SDP—blocked the road and began firing at the caravan.

“A Tundra with the party’s insignia and flags on it and people carrying rifles and small weapons stopped the governor’s car as well.

“But thank God our governor was unharmed and there is no need to be alarmed.

“Some security aides and other aides working for the governor had minor injuries and were sent to hospitals almost away.

In order to ensure the capture of the criminals responsible for the attack, he continued, “We urge the people of Kogi to maintain calm.”

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The state administration, according to Fanwo, would not permit any breakdown of law and order and would instead use all of its resources to prosecute the perpetrators.

He claims that the governor has issued a warning to APC members saying that engaging in retaliatory violence will result in harsh punishment from all sides.

In response, Mr. Kunle Afolayo, the media assistant for SDP Governorship Candidate Mr. Yakubu Ajaka, refuted the claims, claiming: “It was the other way around because it was his political thugs that attacked us.”

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Is that kind of attack on a governor by an opposition political party possible?

We were traveling from Koton Karfe to the Palace of Maigari in Lokoja this afternoon when the governor’s convoy, which was traveling from Abuja to Lokoja, met us and immediately began to attack us.

“God is aware of reality. It’s sad that the APC administration in Kogi is using its power against us and fabricating evidence to prove that we committed a crime, added the media aide.


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