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If…, I Would Have Been The Most Miserable Person On Earth, Says Bishop Oyedepo


David Olaniyi Oyedepo, Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, popularly known as Winners Chapel, asserts that if Matthew 6:33 had not been confirmed in his life, he would have been the most wretched man on earth.

Oyedepo advised the audience to seek God and his kingdom as a top priority in order to connect with the wonders of the mid-year seasons while speaking on June 3 during the church’s monthly leadership conference.

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It is the right time for the sons of God to show themselves, he declared. The world’s last hope is in us. I would be one of the most wretched individuals alive today if Matthew 6:33 were untrue. We collect fruit for the sake of our spiritual safety. It is a time when the church is growing supernaturally.

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“You can’t be a successful steward without establishing a poor reputation for yourself. I have never in my life prayed for a house or a car, yet I have neither. God’s irrevocable blessings are prompted by stewardship.

The preacher urged followers to take advantage of this season’s miracles by saying:

“No one advances without taking action, and we also ask for the grace to begin taking the necessary measures.

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What must the church change in order to take full use of Wonder Season’s opportunity?

“Make a covenant through sacrifice. A sacrifice-based covenant will always elicit God’s intervention. Additionally, time your new timetable on the prayer altar.

Oyedepo declared June 5 to July 31 to be the Season of Glory and noted that it was a time of revival fire in all the cities.


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