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In Oyo, Makinde Appoints A New Park Chairman To Replace The “Wanted Auxiliary”


According to the Oyo State government, Mr. Tomiwa Omolewa, who served as the Park Management System’s (PMS) prior secretary, has been named the system’s new chairman.

The most recent information on transport management in the State was released in a statement on Sunday by Mr. Sulaiman Olanrewaju, Chief Press Secretary to the Oyo Governor.

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The news also included Alhaji Kasali Ajisafe Lawal’s nomination as the new PMS secretary.

The Oyo State Government has appointed Alhaji Oluwatomiwa Omolewa, a former Park Management System (PMS) Secretary, as the new Chairman.

The announcement said, in part, “Alhaji Kasali Ajisafe Lawal is to serve as the secretary.”

Remember how Governor Makinde explained why Auxiliary was fired as the head of the state’s Park Management System (PMS)?

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Speaking on Sunday at the memorial service for the Omituntun 2.0 administration at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Aremo, Ibadan, Makinde said that his action was necessary to maintain a calm environment and prevent confrontations in the garages.

He claimed that an atmosphere of uncertainty is unsuitable for any meaningful action, which is why the system needs to be sanitized.

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The governor disclosed that his administration had tried to reach out to the various factions before the most recent election and underline the need to prevent conflicts, but one of them refused to cooperate with the others.


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