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Nnamdi Kanu Tells Simon Ekpa to Call Off South and East Sit-In


On Friday, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu announced that the organization will no longer be attempting to have the government free him from custody by calling for a sit-at-home order in the South-East or any other such action.

Kanu made the announcement in a handwritten letter dated July 24, 2023, which he authorized to be read aloud to journalists during a global press conference in Enugu by his special attorney, Aloy Ejimakor.

The leader of IPOB made it clear that anyone participating in a sit-in in the area from this point forward is no longer a follower of his.

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Kanu told Ekpa to “desist from calling for any sit-at-home henceforth” and “to make a public announcement to the effect that he (Ekpa) is in receipt of a direct order from him” to cease any ongoing sit-ins.

Simon, this is an official directive from me,” the statement adds. I am giving you strict orders to stop suggesting sick days from now on.

Don’t get on the wrong side of governors or other political figures, either; you have no idea what they’re up to on my behalf and could end up making matters worse.

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“I am mandating that you issue a public statement stating that you have been given explicit instructions to terminate any ongoing sit-at-home action.

It was never my intention to enslave our people through this uprising that I started. Anyone or anything that seeks to needlessly punish our people has and always will have my utmost contempt from me. If you don’t make this notice on your site, Aloy has my permission to do so.

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“Anyone who still plays sit-at-home games is not my student. People who hate Biafra and are willing to kill for their country are disguising themselves as enforcers of the Sit-at-Home to commit atrocities against the same people we vowed to protect.

I have made it clear to those supposedly enforcing the sit-at-home that they are not acting on my behalf numerous times. I’m not pleading for my freedom or asking anyone to help me get out of here; all I’m asking is that Nigeria respect its own laws.


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