About Us

Company Background

The Metro Times is published by Micnaij Media, one of Nigeria’s leading news and information organizations. Its mission is to provide readers with accurate and timely information.

MICNAIJ MEDIA offers services such as consulting, web maintenance, news publications and website design.

Over 26 Nigerian Journalists work with the organization across the States in Nigeria.

Using cutting-edge technology and hiring self-motivated employees, our mission is to steadily evolve into a world-class, integrated communication organization.

Our Offices:

34 Pax Christi Plaza off Kwata Flyover, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Tel: +2347011620455


The Vision:
A world class media company that earns public focus.

Mission Statement:
To disseminate credible information for the good of all citizens.

Core Values

  • Editorial integrity
  • Ethical conduct
  • Professionalism
  • Constant Innovation
  • Production Excellence
  • Market Driven
  • National Unity & African Brotherhood
  • World Peace & Sustainable
  • Development